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Hanging Out at Home

Sometimes, like when you’re stuck at work, you just want to be home.

Sometimes I don’t even care if I’m sitting around and waiting for someone…
Relaxing in Umber

or if I’m lounging around reading…
Lounging Around in Umber

but my favorite is laying around without a thing to do in the world.
Just about ready for a nap

Is it time to go home yet?

Styling Credits (I promise I’ll add links soon, but for now, you can find links to the stores on my SL Locations page. (more…)


Shamrock Tea!

Long day at work, fantastic traditional dinner and now I’m more than ready for some tea to finish off St. Patrick’s Day.

Long day, no tea...yet

Still, it’s hard to work up the energy to actually get moving.

I'm sure I *could* find it...

No reason to be running around when I can’t even remember where I left my darn teapot.

Where did I put that teapot?!?!

Can you tell I have tea on the brain? I want tea!!!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Styling Credits:
Top: blacklisted – Dropkick Diva T(not sure if it is still available)/Whippet & Buck (last photo) – Hykova Buttoned Tank (Tobacco)
Sweats: BOOM – Clover Sweatpants (from Pacific Crisis Fundraiser)
Socks: Maitreya – Scrunched Socks
Bracelet: The Plastik – Friendship Twist (Turtles)
Mouth Attachment: A.D.D. Andel (Shamrock Teabag from March 2011 Group Gift)
Skin: Atomic – Bailey Autumn 2 (Cream – no longer available)
Hair: – Tatum (Passionate Red)
Eyes: Umedamaholic – Rebirth Eyes (Frost Columns)

Prop/Poses: Mudhoney Calida Loveseat

Baking Treats

The first day of holiday baking starts out optimistic.  So many people on your list, and all of them love cookies!

TSE - Baffle! & TJunction

Except, I keep forgetting that making cookies takes forever.

TSE - Baffle! & TJunction

Somehow, the amount of dough you have to work with never gets any smaller… not on day two

TSE - Baffle! & TJunction

Or day three…

TSE - Baffle! & TJunction

Eventually, all of the cookies are done, packed and ready to be given to your friends and family, which means that it’s time to check on that stocking you left by the fireplace and see if any goodies have magically appeared.

TSE - paper.doll & Plastik

Just be sure you don’t get caught, or they might disappear.

For more stocking shenanigans, there are a few more pictures (and bigger versions of the pics here) on my Flickr.

Styling Credits
Items in bold italics are from The Snowflake Experience and are in Toys for Tots vendors.

Tops (Top to Bottom): T-Junction – Christmas Top (Green, Red, Grey – all come together in one package)
Jeans: – Low.Rise Jeans (Dark)
Shoes: – Basic.Flats (Charcoal)
Skin: ATOMIC – Bailey Autumn (Cream)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Earth)
Hair: TRUTH – Keeley (Jupiter)
Props/Pose: Baffle! – Baking Time

Stocking Shenanigans
PJs: paperdoll – Long John’s (striped)
Slippers: Concrete Flowers – Christmas Fever Slippers (2009 Christmas gift)
Skin/Ears: Plastik – Lionheart Freks (Candycane)
Hair: TRUTH – Madeline (Cherry)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Christmas Dreams (current freebie)
Stocking/Pose: Exposeur – Stocking Stuffer

Halloween at the Plastik!!

When I joined Second Life last year, it was the creativity that I saw in the Fall that made me stay. So many incredible creators that are so vastly different, which gives all of us consumers just that many more ways we can choose to express ourselves as well. Personally, I’m a consumer because I have no talent for creation, but I like to put things together and play around with what other people do. Nothing is limited. Sure, the season you are in probably influences your choices (if you’re into fashion), but dressing up or trying something different isn’t limited to fancy dress parties or any particular day of the year. My next couple of posts are going to show off some of the different things that I have found recently, (yes, that is the point of this blog, so I am being redundant) but fair warning – some of them are likely to be Halloween related for right now. Well, the special items that are out and available for Halloween provided I get to posting in time. (I’m hoping to get more than one done a day.) Then, back to “look at all the cool stuff I found today!”

Anyone who has checked out this blog knows that I’m a HUGE fan of Aikea Rieko, the designer behind the Plastik. So, when I saw her Halloween collection, I knew I had to get my sick self off the couch and in front of a computer (and spend several days making sure I get decent pictures)! Here are some of what she created for 2010 – I’ve barely scratched the surface here, but… there are more pics of her awesome stuff on my Flickr. (You’ll also find full body pics of the skins so you can see the awesome bones/muscles and spiderweb designs.)

Plastik Halloween Widow Plastik Halloween Porcelain Plastik Halloween Otherworldly


Donate – Couples Poses

Project Donate has fantastic couples poses for sale to benefit flood victims in Pakistan. I’m still getting used to adjusting poses for two, so bear with me if they aren’t perfect, but check out some of the poses you can find:

Project Donate Poseur and *FaKE* Project Donate Storin' and *FaKE* Project Donate Juxtapose and *FaKE* Project Donate *FaKE* and Poseur Project Donate Oh My Stars! and *FaKE*

Don’t you love the tiled water in the first picture? I do. I just can’t figure out how to not make that happen. Something more important – the pose from the first picture actually comes in that mat of Autumn leaves that you can see at our feet. There are four couples poses in the mat AND there are particle leaves that fall around you in a beautiful, whimsical way. Unfortunately, when I took the pic, I had turned off particles, so you can’t see them here. Trust me, they’re beautifully done.
The top I’m wearing in all the pics also available to benefit Project Donate from *FaKE* – a lot of these are also available at the main stores of their creators.


Project Donate – Helping Flood Victims

Okay, I suck at blogging in a timely fashion.  However, you have until the 19th to get to Project Donate and … well.. donate.  The event is to benefit UNICEF’s relief efforts in Pakistan after the massive flooding that has happened there.  Check out some of the cool stuff you can pick up to help a really good cause:

Project Donate Atomic, Addict, and Truth Project Donate Rapture

You can find skins (here you can see what Atomic and PXL Creations have to offer), hair (Truth’s Aloha style), clothes (Addict put out this great shirt), and body decorations (AtomicBambi’s body vine is exquisite).

Close-up of the skins and Truth’s hair:

Project Donate Atomic Truth Closeup Project Donate PXL Closeup

More pics can be found on my Flickr.

One of the things I love most about Second Life is how everyone comes together in times of need and helps.  Regardless of whether it is an established event like Relay for Life, or something new like Project Donate, the Second Life community comes together and gives however they can.  I’m very proud to be part of a community like this one, so I’m embarrassed and seriously angry at myself for not getting to blogging about Project Donate sooner (and more frequently). (more…)

Where did August go?

No, seriously… where did it go?  Because the last time I checked, it had just started and I was all ready to have a somewhat relaxing month – and then I woke up and remembered I still had to go to work.  Man, if I didn’t have bills… or a serious addiction to really cool SL stuff…

Anyway, since today is the last day of August, it’s the last day of the Platinum Hunt – you know, the one I told you about before?  And totally meant to write more about, but August ran past me like a toddler with with a contraband cookie. Right, so, since it’s the last day of the hunt, I thought I’d taunt show you some (more) of the goodies that you can pick up for 10L each until the end of the day today (in case you haven’t already).

Ha! Platinum Platinum Acid & Mala
The hunt items are the Mustache Pearls from Ha! (comes with a scripted version to where the mustache wiggles – it’s awesome!) and Messed Memory Wired Set from Acid & Mala (just beautiful detail).

Platinum and Escher Reale Platinum Platinum Berries Platinum Deviance Platinum SLink, Blitzed & dekade Platinum Rockberry, Magika and Just Me
The hunt items in these pics are the Acid & Mala set again; the dress from *Reale* (Holds up to rezzing, and dancing – I tested it!); the top from Berries Inc.; the Enchantress set from Deviance/Rockberry Kalista skin; the sunglasses from Blitzed/jacket from SLink/skin from [dekade]; the skin from Rockberry/top from *Just Me*/hair from Magika. More pics (including some stuff from the hunt not covered here) on my Flickr.

All of these items are incredible and showcase some of the best designers/creators out there.  As an aside, I have to point out something that I love about the Berries Inc shirt.  I love how the artwork on the system shirt and the prim are continuous (depending on whether or not I’ve messed it up with a pose).  LOVE IT.  It shows an incredible attention to detail, something I appreciate, but totally don’t have the patience to do for myself (which just makes me appreciate it more).

Styling credits:
Italicized items are from the Platinum Hunt.


Summer of Love… coming to an end

Summer always flies by with day when everything is a little more relaxed and nights a little longer than normal.  Every June, when I was still in school, I always thought the Summer would stretch on forever, but come the end of August, I always felt like I blinked and it was over.  Now that I’m working, I feel that way about most time in general, but the Summer slowdown in particular – that special time when not everything is a rush, it never lasts, darnit!

The same thing goes for the Summer of Love Fair, which ends on August 8th.  So many talented designers are participating and have put out great finds (and some deals!) – a few of which are exclusive to the fair.  My favorites? Check out the pictures below:

TART Bree SOL Alexohol Fashions - Country Time (All Star) SOL

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I will continue to repeat myself (I tend to do that, my apologies now), but one of the big reasons I fall in love with an outfit is versatility – either in styling or use of the individual pieces.

SOL Plastik - Vintage SOL Plastik - Denali SOL Plastik - Floratia Intrigue - I'm a Maze(d) SOL Relentless Couture SOL

More pictures can be found on my Flickr with full styling credits.

As I’m sure you’ve seen, the point of this fair is to raise awareness for mental health issues, which a lot of people are affected by, and all of us encounter in one way or another in our lives.  I’m not going to get into any of the politics behind the quantity of information supplied (I get enough of that at work, thanks), but I do want to point out one thing – with all of the participation and interest, what I see is a group of people who are trying to say that if you have an issue and you need help, you are not alone.

Styling Credits*:
*For items found at the Summer of Love Fair, please use this link to the fair location since they are not all found at their main stores.  If you like the style of the items and want to check out the main stores, links can be found on  (Items not found at the fair are linked as usual.)


Taste of a Game (and Taste of Second Life)

Congratulations, Spain! That was an incredible match, and an amazing end to a crazy World Cup.

I’ve been reminded of three critical things over the last several weeks: insanity is most clearly seen on the thick of things, you only need one more goal to win and leadership is key. Also, I was right – this was a World Cup of keepers, especially Iker Casillas who really is almost supernatural. [And Holland plays brutal football…I had thought that was just against Portugal…perhaps they thought they were playing Australian rules?]

Taste of Second Life (TOSL) this week is a tribute to The Beautiful Game, and the favorite games of the designers. The link will take you to the TOSL blog with more information on what everyone has available this weekend. Alexohol Fashions, one of my favorite designers of fan gear (as you have seen before), has put together a sexy fan kit for 14 countries. Each set is 75L for this weekend. Here are some of my favorites:

Country Time - Spain Country Time - England Country Time - Germany Country Time - Australia

Check out how the background only rezzes half of the time!  Textures have been rebaking constantly for me and it took me forever to get any clear pictures – fun times!

Style Notes:
Top/Shorts/Socks: Alexohol Fashions – Country Time for TOSL R
Shoes: Redgrave – Striped Sneakers (Black)

Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Vintage 1 (Cream)
Hair: TRUTH– Lulu (Copper)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Sunrise: all except Spain pic); Frozen Eye (Pink Panda: Spain pic)

Pose: Diesel Works

As Promised… (for Germany)

I promised a friend of mine that I would post a German fan look based a little bet I lost. I admit, I took my time getting this done. Not because I have anything against the German squad, they’re actually my second favorites. However, seeing as how they knocked out my first love (England), I dragged my feet a little. Even though Lahm et al were the clearly superior squad on that day, it was disappointing.

So, in honor of my bet:

WC Germany

That’s how I felt at the end result of the match between Germany and Spain…followed quickly by…

WC Germany

It was one of those situations where you’re surprised, but not at the same time. I had thought that the game would come down to defense and, ultimately, the keepers – and, Iker Casillas is brilliant. Neuer is great, but Casillas… I don’t know if there is anyone better. Still, the result left a lot of people feeling like this:

WC Germany

On a note regarding the awesome outfit I have here, the jersey is from Alexohol Fashions, like my England jersey is – as always, the quality is excellent, and I really do love the attention to detail. Also, how cute are the flags? They’re on a tattoo layer from ::Iren:: (they also come as a prim attachment if you’re not using a viewer with tattoo layers). ::Iren:: also has these for other nations as well and they were free when I picked them up a week or so ago.

Style Notes:

Face Tattoos: ::Iren:: – German Fan Pack
Jersey: Alexohol Fashions (World Cup shop) – Women’s Jersey (Germany)
Jeans: – Low.rise Jeans (Dark)
Shoes: Redgrave – Striped Sneakers (Black)

Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Autumn 1 (Cream)
Hair: – Joanna.2 (Passionate Red)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic)

Poses: don’t freak out! (dfo), Del May