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As Promised… (for Germany)

I promised a friend of mine that I would post a German fan look based a little bet I lost. I admit, I took my time getting this done. Not because I have anything against the German squad, they’re actually my second favorites. However, seeing as how they knocked out my first love (England), I dragged my feet a little. Even though Lahm et al were the clearly superior squad on that day, it was disappointing.

So, in honor of my bet:

WC Germany

That’s how I felt at the end result of the match between Germany and Spain…followed quickly by…

WC Germany

It was one of those situations where you’re surprised, but not at the same time. I had thought that the game would come down to defense and, ultimately, the keepers – and, Iker Casillas is brilliant. Neuer is great, but Casillas… I don’t know if there is anyone better. Still, the result left a lot of people feeling like this:

WC Germany

On a note regarding the awesome outfit I have here, the jersey is from Alexohol Fashions, like my England jersey is – as always, the quality is excellent, and I really do love the attention to detail. Also, how cute are the flags? They’re on a tattoo layer from ::Iren:: (they also come as a prim attachment if you’re not using a viewer with tattoo layers). ::Iren:: also has these for other nations as well and they were free when I picked them up a week or so ago.

Style Notes:

Face Tattoos: ::Iren:: – German Fan Pack
Jersey: Alexohol Fashions (World Cup shop) – Women’s Jersey (Germany)
Jeans: – Low.rise Jeans (Dark)
Shoes: Redgrave – Striped Sneakers (Black)

Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Autumn 1 (Cream)
Hair: – Joanna.2 (Passionate Red)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic)

Poses: don’t freak out! (dfo), Del May


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