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Blogger Challenge 3: Relationships in SL

As I’m sure you’ve seen on the feeds already, todays topic for the Blogger Challenge is relationships in Second Life(tm): are they hard to find? would you meet in the physical world? if you did meet in the physical world, would it change your SL relationship?

For this, I’m bringing back my old friend from around Easter. We just met and he’s getting all hands-y. (It’s a word! Sort of. You get what I mean.) Handsome, isn’t he?

Easter 3

From what I’ve seen, it’s easy to form relationships in SL, it’s just not easy to form quality relationships. If you’re looking for a quick way to cyber, there’s lots of places to find people who are looking for the same; if you’re looking for a solid relationship with emotional and psychological connection, it’s more difficult. Of course, I don’t think it’s any easier in the physical world.

So, if this handsome fellow and I had lasted, and had come to mean the world to me in SL, I love spending time with him, I’ve talked to him on voice about anything and everything, I know he’s who he says he is – as much as I can in a virtual world – and we’re totally committed to each other.  We want to take this into the physical world, the one I can’t log out of.   I don’t know if I would ever meet him. I hate to say “no, I would never do that,” but I do have all the concerns of anyone meeting someone from the internet.  There’s only so much I can know about him because online, but we’re in lurve and I want to spend the rest of my life with him, so I’d at least consider taking that chance.

That being said, if we did meet in the physical world, I think it would have to change our SL relationship. There is something about being able to picture someone’s face when they smile, or the way that their face expresses their emotions that inherently changes the relationship between two people – makes it more “real.”

I should mention that it is not my intention, in any way, to diminish what people who do have a SL relationship feel.  I know several people who have met the loves of their life online, be it in-world or elsewhere, and I’m happy for them. Everyone deserves to be happy.

Style Notes:

Hair: Magika – Jackie (Golden)
Skin: [ATOMIC] – Bunny Skin (Porcelain); April Group Gift
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Spring Meadow (Freebie)
Top: [ATOMIC] – Cropped Bunny Hoody (Powder Blue); Stumblebum week of April 3rd
Jeans: – Low Rise Jeans (Regular)
Pose Prop: Curvature – My Best Friend Bunny Pose Prop (Free Edition)


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