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Bandana Day

Hair Fair 2012 is coming to a close today, which means it’s also bandana day – time to take off our virtual wigs to remove our hair and show we care.*

Bandana Day!

If you want to purchase a bandana and participate, they can be found on any of the four Hair Fair sims (Garden, Sand, Flower, Water) in the Wigs for Kids booth. The bandanas available were created by incredibly talented designers and bloggers, and each are only 50L (and transferable!).

Peaceful bandana day

I knew I wanted to combine the beautiful scarf bandana from Lelutka with this great Summery dress from Maitreya. The dress has been sitting in my inventory for a while just waiting for a chance to show up in a picture.
*A paraphrasing of the Hair Fair slogan for Bandana Day – I didn’t come up with it on my own, I’m not that clever.

Styling Credits
Dress: Maitreya – Mignon Dress (Russet)
Shoes/Sandals: SLink – Rigged Mesh Barefeet/Ilena Sandals (Brown)
Scarf: LeLutka – Faith Scarf at Hair Fair (Bandana for Wigs for Kids)
Skin: Glam Affair – Roza Natural 03 (at Collabor88 July)
Eyes: IKON – Utopia (Light Forest Green)

Sand/Beach House: Trompe Loeil – Sunbleached Skybox (at Collabor88 July)

Poses: Glitterati


Feel your way

Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays – what’s there not to like about a day dedicated to expressing how much you love the people in your life?

Whether you’re waiting…




Or certain…


Regardless of your relationship status, I hope today – and always – you have love in your life.


A Little Lift

Sometimes… it’s nice to let someone else do the lifting and just hang on.  Like, when you need a nap.

A little lift...

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if these skins/hunt gifts are still available, but they were around as of the middle of last week. I’m still posting this because I really like how the picture came out, and I’m sure that the Elven tones of these skins will include a shade similar to this one (there’s usually a very light shade available). So, check out the amazing shading work (especially their bodies and the eye makeup!!!), pick up one of the pre-releases that is in store, and start waiting impatiently (like the rest of us) for the full release.

Styling Credits (Links can be found on the SL Locations page – look up by the blog header)
On Daybreak:
Top/Pants/Skin: Plastik – Platinum Hunt gifts (was still available as of 9/5, not sure if it is still there)
Hair: Lelutka – Rykiel (Strawberry Blonde)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Grey Sky (new line freebie)
Shoes: epoque – Mesa Boots (Nude)

On Domhall:
Pants/Skin: Plastik – Platinum Hunt gift (same drill as before; this is my new favorite skin on him – the shading is perfect, it fits his shape better than any other I’ve seen)
Hair: LoQ – Grappa Cellini (Pale Blonde)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Silent Lake
Feet: Slink – Barefeet

Pose: Glitterati

Apricot Houses

Playing catch-up on the 52 weeks of color challenge (I’m sure you’ve all heard that before)…

The top is from Indie Rose – a wonderful store with an awesome creator! Like I mentioned in my Melon post, “salmon” has served me well during this color challenge! I was totally on board with looking at this top and seeing it as a salmon color, but I can see how it like apricot, and was pretty much right on when I compared the RGB values. Funny how what we actually see, and what definitions say we should see, are often different things.


The house (that you can only see a tiny bit of here) is from *Funky Junk*. You’ll see it again in my next post as well, and I just love it. It reminds me of home. Where I grew up, you had a great view of the mountains, you were 20 minutes from the beach – and could drive to any weather you wanted. No, I didn’t grow up in a bubble, but it felt like it sometimes. Now that I’m not there, things like this house make me a bit nostalgic – I guess everything is better in hindsight.

Styling Credits (Links can be found on my SL Locations page)
Top: Indie Rose – Batwing Blouse (Salmon)
Capris: – Ahoy Capris (FLF item)
Shoes: SLink – Lulu Stilettos (Beige)
Skin: Curio – Lustre Pure 2 (Petal)
Hair: elikatira – Theory (Red 05)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Tired Lilac

Pose: LAP

52 Weeks of Color – Apricot

The sun is shining…

Time to let it soak in a little.

Morning Sunshine

More pics on my Flickr.
Styling Credits
Dress: Indie Rose – Cocktail Dress (Vintage Rose)
Shoes: SLink – Lulu Stilettos (Cream)
Skin: Curio – Summer Pebble 1 (Petal)
Hair: – Cassidy.2 (Passionate Red)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Gold Rain

Pose: Long Awkward Pose (LAP)


Sometimes you wait and wait and wait…


just to be able to escape at the very last second.

Which way out?

More pictures on my Flickr.
Styling Credits
Dress: League – Vintage Chiffon Dress (Old Rose dress/Moss belt)
Shoes: SLink – Cassandra Heels (Beige)
Earrings: Eolande’s – Pearl Earrings (from basics grab-bag/freebie; not sure if they are still available)
Ring: Kosh – Nebula Ring
Hair: elikatira – Away (Red 04)
Skin: The Plastik – Vaila beta skin (Tone 1 – I am in LOVE)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – African Sunset
Lashes: Miamai – Gen X Lashes “C” (no hair)
Pose: Olive Juice; Diesel Works

52 Weeks of Color: Mauve


I’d rather be at the beach.

Beachy and sandy and ...

There is a reason that “work” is a four-letter word, and that’s all I’m going to say about it.

Another picture of this outfit on my Flickr.

Styling Credits
Top: BOOM – Thrill Halter (Cocoa)
Capris: The Plastik – Aeda Capri (Mahogany)
Shoes: SLink – Achilla Gladiator (Brown)
Bracelets: Zaara – Indra painted stacked bangles (Gold)
Hair: TRUTH – Jane 2 (Jupiter)
Skin: Belleza – Alyson 13 (Pale)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – October Wind

Poses: Exposeur

52 Weeks of Color: Mahogany


Sometimes, even with the prettiest of petals swirling around you, introspection takes over entirely. That’s natural.

It's Complicated

So is (eventually) being distracted by the beauty at hand, and getting on with it.

Really complicated

Styling Credits
Outfit: RunoRuno – Cherry Blossom Petals (from Help Japan Event, not sure if it is still available)
Feet: SLink – Jolie Pied Barefoot
Skin: Glam Affair – Layla Clean (Light)
Hair: 69 – Diva (Sandy Blonde)
Hairbase – Dutch Touch – V2 (Blonde)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Fairy Eyes (Gretel)
Pose: RunoRuno – came with outfit

Part of Some World

On the Rocks

It’s one thing to watch a world around you, but there is nothing quite like getting in there, interacting with it to really understand. You just can’t do that with fins.

Coming Ashore

That first deep breath is always special.

Take a Walk

And you might just be a little reluctant to go back to the way it was before.

Styling Credits
Picture 1
Outfit: Evie’s Closet – Lumina (Green)
Skin: Tuli – Zoe Brass (Pale)
Hair: TRUTH – Francesca (Marmalade)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Berlin Nights
Pose: Mermaid Reef – Mermaid AO (included with most outfits)

Pictures 2 and 3
Outfit: Evie’s Closet – Lumina Nymph (Green)
Feet: SLINK – Jolie Pied Mid Barefoot
Skin: Tuli – Zoe Brass (Pale)
Hair: TRUTH – Francesca (Marmalade)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Berlin Nights

Bananas and Flowers

When I first saw the preview of this dress on Flickr, I think I actually said “Huzzah! It must be mine!”**

Sunne Banana

I don’t know what I like best about it – probably the way the embroidery continues down the leg. SO pretty. Now, this shade is one of the ones included in the 50 of a kind event, but there are tons of others in store now. (I should know, I picked up a fatpack and will probably bombard my Flickr with pictures of the other colors later.)

**This isn’t something I came up with, it’s actually from Dork Tower, a truly awesome web comic.

Happy Friday!

Styling Credits
Dress: The Plastik – Koahkuma Dress (Sunne; 50 of a Kind color!)
Shoes: SLink – Cassandra Heels (Beige)
Skin: Tuli – Zoe Purity (Pale)
Hair: TRUTH – Alison (Marmalade)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Berlin Nights
Pose: Long Awkward Pose (LAP)