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Taste of a Game (and Taste of Second Life)

Congratulations, Spain! That was an incredible match, and an amazing end to a crazy World Cup.

I’ve been reminded of three critical things over the last several weeks: insanity is most clearly seen on the thick of things, you only need one more goal to win and leadership is key. Also, I was right – this was a World Cup of keepers, especially Iker Casillas who really is almost supernatural. [And Holland plays brutal football…I had thought that was just against Portugal…perhaps they thought they were playing Australian rules?]

Taste of Second Life (TOSL) this week is a tribute to The Beautiful Game, and the favorite games of the designers. The link will take you to the TOSL blog with more information on what everyone has available this weekend. Alexohol Fashions, one of my favorite designers of fan gear (as you have seen before), has put together a sexy fan kit for 14 countries. Each set is 75L for this weekend. Here are some of my favorites:

Country Time - Spain Country Time - England Country Time - Germany Country Time - Australia

Check out how the background only rezzes half of the time!  Textures have been rebaking constantly for me and it took me forever to get any clear pictures – fun times!

Style Notes:
Top/Shorts/Socks: Alexohol Fashions – Country Time for TOSL R
Shoes: Redgrave – Striped Sneakers (Black)

Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Vintage 1 (Cream)
Hair: TRUTH– Lulu (Copper)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Sunrise: all except Spain pic); Frozen Eye (Pink Panda: Spain pic)

Pose: Diesel Works


As Promised… (for Germany)

I promised a friend of mine that I would post a German fan look based a little bet I lost. I admit, I took my time getting this done. Not because I have anything against the German squad, they’re actually my second favorites. However, seeing as how they knocked out my first love (England), I dragged my feet a little. Even though Lahm et al were the clearly superior squad on that day, it was disappointing.

So, in honor of my bet:

WC Germany

That’s how I felt at the end result of the match between Germany and Spain…followed quickly by…

WC Germany

It was one of those situations where you’re surprised, but not at the same time. I had thought that the game would come down to defense and, ultimately, the keepers – and, Iker Casillas is brilliant. Neuer is great, but Casillas… I don’t know if there is anyone better. Still, the result left a lot of people feeling like this:

WC Germany

On a note regarding the awesome outfit I have here, the jersey is from Alexohol Fashions, like my England jersey is – as always, the quality is excellent, and I really do love the attention to detail. Also, how cute are the flags? They’re on a tattoo layer from ::Iren:: (they also come as a prim attachment if you’re not using a viewer with tattoo layers). ::Iren:: also has these for other nations as well and they were free when I picked them up a week or so ago.

Style Notes:

Face Tattoos: ::Iren:: – German Fan Pack
Jersey: Alexohol Fashions (World Cup shop) – Women’s Jersey (Germany)
Jeans: – Low.rise Jeans (Dark)
Shoes: Redgrave – Striped Sneakers (Black)

Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Autumn 1 (Cream)
Hair: – Joanna.2 (Passionate Red)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic)

Poses: don’t freak out! (dfo), Del May

Well done…

I’ve been waiting to post this picture, and it’s about time too! I hope I get to post something similar Sunday after England plays Germany…

Come ON England

I posted to show off this outfit again, revel in a well-played victory, and also to finish something that I started and didn’t finish nearly on time. Of course, the day of the blogger challenge I flake out on is the last day. I’d love to say that it was because of something other than sheer exhaustion, but I can’t. I’ve mentioned it once or twice before, I think, but I went back to work on Monday after being out for three months. Getting ready to go back this past weekend and playing catch-up has been more exhausting than I expected, although the week has gone quickly, which is nice.

So, what can I say? The blogger challenge opened my eyes to the things that I could include in my blog, gave me the push I needed to talk more than just about whatever outfit I took a picture of this time. Now, I also learned that if you write, people will read, and that’s awesome – and it’s something I should do more often. I’m trying, right now is difficult, but I am trying… I love taking pictures and I love sharing them with people (I’ve always been the person who has something new or shiny and wants to show everyone) I just have to get the energy up to do so more often.

Style Credits:

Sweatshirt: Alexohol’s Fashions – England Hoodie (Review Copy – thank you!)
Jeans: Action – Unisex Denim Jean (Super Bargain Saturday 6/12/10)
Shoes: – Basic.Flats (Gray)
Hair: – Cameron 2 (Passionate Red)
Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Vintage 2 (Cream)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic)

Pose: don’t freak out! (dfo)

Bloggers Challenge#5: What’s on Your Mind?

Today’s topic for the blogger challenge is: what’s on your mind? Now, is it just me, or are open topics sometimes the hardest things to write?

I was going to put this one off for tomorrow, but it’s nearly 3am and I can’t sleep – I keep thinking about this post, going back to work, tomorrow’s World Cup matches (how I really want to be awake to watch Germany)… Thursday’s World Cup matches – all the usual stuff.

If you couldn’t tell, I’ve got World Cup fever and I’ve got it bad. Luckily for me, it only strikes once every four years (and during qualifiers, but who’s really keeping track?). I can’t quite believe that France lost to Mexico earlier, in a good way, but definitely a surprise! How awesome is it that Hernandez and his grandfather both scored against France in the World Cup – 56 years apart?!?

As fantastic as that is, my heart belongs to England, which led to this ensemble for today (the England match is at 20:30 local time) …

Come ON England Come ON England

The very talented, and also very kind, AlexandraM Guisse of Alexohol Fashions sent me the England sweatshirt after I wore her England jersey in a post the other night. I’ve been a fan of her work for quite some time, and was very excited when I originally received the subscribe-o notecard about her World Cup national team items. I didn’t even know that she had this sweatshirt in store (or I would have picked it up when I got the jersey), so I was very excited to try it on (I’m an England clothing junkie right now) – I think it looks great, don’t you?

By the way, the rear-view photo is to show off the back of the jeans from Action. I’m not sure if they are still available – they were part of a Super Bargain Saturday buy.

Style Credits:

Sweatshirt: Alexohol’s Fashions – England Hoodie (Review Copy – thank you!) R
Jeans: Action – Unisex Denim Jean (Super Bargain Saturday 6/12/10)
Shoes: – Basic.Flats (Gray)
Hair: – Cameron 2 (Passionate Red)
Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Vintage 2 (Cream)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic)

Pose: don’t freak out! (dfo)

Blogger Challenge (2): Keeping it Positive

So, today’s topic for the Big Bad Blogger Challenge is to write about three positive things going on in my Second Life. I’m pretty good at finding things to be frustrated about, but things have been going well lately, this should be pretty easy to do.

My friends – I’ve met some great people, who are very understanding about my tendency to get lost in my own world – and who also can pull me out of that world. They’re amazing and have shown me so much in the short time I’ve been in-world (well, almost a year now, but it feels like a short time). I know I’ve been very lucky on the friend-front in Second Life. The first night I logged-in, I met someone who took me around and helped me find a new shape, skin, hair, clothes. He’s not online much anymore, but I will always be grateful for his help.

World Cup fans – The last week has been fantastic with all of the World Cup fans coming out of the woodwork. A lot of my friends (RL and SL) love football like I do, but not many people I interact with in RL even understand the game. It’s great to have so many people to discuss this with in SL, even if we don’t agree all the time.

Bunnehs – A while ago I posted about my bunny obsession, and not much as changed. I love my bunnies like they are real pets. I understand it’s a game, but they’re just so cute! Look at Tyrone, isn’t he adorable?

This is Tyrone

Style Notes:

Shirt: Alexohol Fashions – England Women’s World Cup Jersey
Shorts: SPIRIT – Ballet Knit Shorts (Swan Black)
Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Autumn 2 (Cream)
Hair: – Tatum (Passionate Red)

Pose: female-sit pose that comes with the Ozimals bunnies.

It’s Cup Time!

I’ve been meaning to post for the last couple of days, but I’ve been distracted watching the reason for this post – the World Cup! I’ve been trying out my best game too:

Come ON England

Looks easy, doesn’t it?
I have a great pose-maker to thank for that! (Vivaposes released a set of 9 poses, more of which you can see at my Flickr.)

Come ON England

I think it’s pretty clear who I support, yeah?

Honestly, I’m a little disappointed at the outcome today (not that I had anything to do with it other than yelling at the tv), but it’s considerably better than a loss would have been.
A draw because of an error? Not the end of the world. Well, not in the group stages at least.

And…this World Cup has seen several firsts: my first World Cup in Second Life (I’m SO excited to see how many other people are into it); Capello’s first time coaching in the tournament (I have a serious crush on him – ask me about it sometime); the first time my mother was interested enough to even talk about soccer with me (yay!); and the first time I actually cheered for Stevie G. (I still can’t quite believe that one myself).

I could go on for a while, but I’ll just leave it at: Come ON England!

Styling Details:

Top and Shorts: DYN Clothing – England Tube Top and Hot Pants (St. George’s Day gift outfit; no longer available – sorry, it’s one of my favorites!)
Shoes: Redgrave – Sneakers (black)

Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Pink Cotton 2 (Cream)
Hair: – Jennifer.2 (Passionate Red)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic)

Poses: Vivaposes – ladysoccer series (prop included)