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Blogger Challenge (and Beautiful Baiastice)

Fair warning: this is going to be longer than usual.

I thought it would be fun, and motivating (aka – getting me off my lazy blogger seat), to participate in Alicia Chenaux’s blogger challenge this week.  Today is: Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

I became a blogger because… (I feel like I’m back in school answering essay questions.  I’ve never been able to respond to a writing prompt in any other way, so it isn’t intended sarcastically toward anyone but myself for not being creative enough to think of a different way to phrase things.)
Okay, trying again: I became a blogger because I wanted to make my real life friends jealous, and I wanted to intice them to come play with me in Second Life ™.  I know they would love it, but they’re lazy losers.  Why am I friends with them if they’re lazy losers?  Because I love them, they’re my squishies and I shall call them squishies!  (And other things, but mostly squishies.)  Also, I was started to get bored in SL, and I was tired of taking pictures and sending them around to my friends by e-mail – so, they suggested that I blog my pictures (not only would it give  my pics a bit of direction, but also I would just have to send around a link instead of files.

Speaking of doing just that – I saw this dress from Baiastice at The Dressing Room (Blue) and immediately  thought of one of my two favorite people in the world.  See, she has a particular shade of blue that is her blue, so I tried to keep her in mind while I put this outfit together. This superheroine in a blue dress is for you G (I made her as blonde as I could)!

Baiastice - The Dressing Room (Blue)

I think the most enriching part of blogging that I have found is how jealous it makes my RL friends of all the awesome stuff I find.  (They’re lazy losers, I can make them jealous, it’s ok.) It has also given me an outlet to share what I enjoy (SL, shopping and styling) with other people (anyone who I make read this).  Oh, and I don’t have to spend nearly as much time being all “come look at the cool thing I put together on my computer screen!”

In honor of that, one more pic of that dress, with the slimmer skirt – I had to use this pose because it’s called “cartoon birds braided your hair this morning” from dfo! G’s favorite princess is Cinderella, so I thought it was appropriate. (I lurve you, G! And I promise to someday do Cinderella justice!)

Baiastice - The Dressing Room (Blue)

On a more serious note, blogging as also given me an opportunity to interact with very talented and creative designers in Second Life, as well as brought me greater awareness of the possibilities of SL as a whole since I expanded my blog reading once I started writing – and that is something for which I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Style Notes:

Dress: Baiastice – Maya (Blue, at The Dressing Room Blue)
Shoes: Pixel Mode – Baby T’s Plain (Black)
Hair: Magika – Tuesday (Dirty Blonde)
Skin: League – Taylor Twilight (Pale)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic)

Pose: C’est Moi, don’t freak out! (dfo)


Can’t get you out of my head…RFL (2)

Ever have one of those days when you just can’t get the reason why something is important out of your mind? Even more than usual and not just the overall goal, but the personal reasons why it means something to you? That’s been the past few days for me and Relay for Life, which is why I started taking pictures of the four RFL outfits available from Evie’s Closet that are available in the front of the main store in special vendors. Two of the outfits were posted earlier (Elizabeth and Muse II).

The other two items, Avery and Fable, which each have multiple ways they can be worn.  As I’ve said before, versatility is very important as far as I’m concerned – and not just how parts of a set can be worn with different items.  We all know how to do that, but I really like seeing different options within the same outfit for the same reason I don’t mind seeing a few of the same thing from different blogs on the feeds – I love seeing how the same thing can be made to look strikingly different with just a few alterations.

Avery is shown with all of the included options for the outfit: a ballet skirt, a babydoll skirt, and wings.I feel like a Spring fairy in this outfit, and I love the way it fits.  As with all of Evangeline Miles’ creations, the quality and detail of these designs are phenomenal – especially the flowers on the Avery top attachment and shoes.  My rule of thumb is: if it’s from Evie’s Closet and has flowers included, it needs to be in my inventory.

I love the depth of color in the Fable outfit.  Fable comes with the long skirt and ballet skirts shown, as well as a lingerie option (not shown).  The name was the first thing that attracted me to Fable (because the pictures hadn’t rezzed yet and I was mousing over things to try to see what I needed to get a better look at), and I love how appropriate it is to the outfit.  It looks like something straight out of a storybook, and feels much the same when wandering about in the dress in-world.  I like to add wings to the ballet skirt version a lot of the time for an impromptu fairy outfit, or a key attachment to the back for a wind-up doll look. (I’ll be putting those on Flickr soon.)


Relay for Life – Now In-Store!

The outfits in these next couple of posts are from Evie’s Closet, designed by Evangeline Miles – one of my absolutely favorite creators in Second Life, and a very nice person as well (from my brief interactions with her). Four of her Relay for Life (RFL) items that were part of either the Clothing Fair or the Fantasy Faire (or both) originally, and are now available in special RFL kiosks in the front of her main store.

One of the things that I like about the outfits from Evie’s Closet is that the work often speaks for itself, unless I just can’t help myself. On the left is Elizabeth, and on the right is Muse II.  Okay… I can’t help myself.  (You’re welcome to skip my ramblings if you like, the style notes are at the bottom.)


Super Bargains – Urbanity and GATO

Woo! Super Bargain Saturday certainly had some super bargains today, and you still have a couple hours to go get them today.  Sorry about the short notice again, but I couldn’t get on the computer uninterrupted until late tonight.  (The items will probably be like this until tomorrow morning, but it depends on when the store owner has a chance to get online tomorrow and take the deal down.)

Urbanity has her super cute extreme high heels on sale for 75L – for any color.  Here’s a look I put together with the Rose color – version 1 (more rounded toe).

GATO had two adorable shirts in Keith Haring prints.  I was really excited when I saw the prints earlier today – Haring has always been one of the my favorite artists.  Here is pattern #1 with and without the waist attachment.  (I think I like it a bit better without the attachment.)

Will have more tomorrow!

Style Notes:

Pic 1:
Shoes!: *Urbanity* – Extreme High Heels (Rose) 75L for Saturday only
Skirt: Entropy – Celtic Plaid Kilt (@ the Water Cooler)
Undershirt: – Tank Top (I tinted it rose) 0L in’s freebie packs
Shirt: AOHARU – Front Knot Shirt (white)
Hair: – Tatum (Passionate Red)
Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Pink Cotton 1 (Cream)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic)
Pose Prop: Virtual Props &  Poses – Hot for Teacher

Pic 2:
Shirt!: GATO – Love Keith Haring (#1)
Jeans: – Low.Rise Jeans (Dark)
Shoes: A-BOMB – Mia Ballet Flats (Color Change Version)
Hair: TRUTH – Nicky (Jupiter)
Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Pink Cotton 1 (Cream)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic)

Poses: (pda)

Electric Blue Friday!

Today is the kind of day that definitely calls for an electric blue end, and (luckily) Whippet and Buck have come to the rescue with one of the bustiers from their 50L Friday fatpack of 7!  This deal is for Friday only, so you have… about 2 hours left to pick it up (sorry for the short notice).


Update: Pic of all the colors, for your enjoyment!

In order: Alabaster, Antique, Black, Cherry Blossom, Electric, Chocolate, and Cream.

Fifty linden Friday links are all over the feeds today, and a lot of people have shown other awesome things, but I have to say that this bustier fatpack is my favorite of this weeks selections. Might be because I was looking for something bright to cheer up my day, might be because I love the detail that Whippet & Buck put in even the simple things – like the detail in the bustiers – is one of the reasons I keep going back for more.

Style Notes:
Top: Whippet & Buck – Simple Cropped Bustier (Electric) ***Part of 50L Fridays Fatpack of 7 colors!
Jeans: – Low.Rise Jeans (Black)
Shoes: A-BOMB – Mia Ballet Flats
Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Cream (Pink Cotton 1)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic) Hair: – Tatum (Passionate Red)

Poses: (pda)

Fantasy Faire 2010: Not Over Yet!

The Fantasy Faire ends tonight, but there is still time to go over now and check out the fantastic designers and all that they have available!

For instance… I picked up this beautiful outfit from Evie’s Closet, which is on the Elvencourt sim.  This the the Ariel outfit in Rainbow, which can be found in her Relay for Life vendor!

While upstairs in Evie’s Closet, I noticed she had her Faery outfit available in the special edition that was out for Spring.  This is a special edition available until it isn’t any longer (unfortunately, I don’t have the notecard on exactly how long it will be available).

Go check out Elvencourt and all the 8 other awesome sims of the Fantasy Faire while it’s still going on!
More info can be found at the main sim and at the Fantasy Faire blog.

Style Notes:

Outfit 1
Outfit: *Evie’s Closet* – Ariel (RFL Rainbow)
Skin: Belleza – Alyson (Pale)
Hair: Truth – Drew (Jupiter)

Outfit 2
Outfit: *Evie’s Closet* – Faery (Special Edition – Spring)
Skin: ATOMIC – Faith Royalty (Cream)
Hair: Tiny Bird – Ciao Bella (Ginger)

Poses: (pda), Diesel Works, SPIRIT

Fantasy Faire 2010: Tribal Soul Designs

We all need skins, a lot of us spend a lot of time looking for a perfect skin to complete an outfit or reflect our mood.  On a day to day basis, I prefer fair skins with freckles, but one thing I have always been drawn to is makeup.  RL, SL, it doesn’t matter; if the makeup is striking, you can bet that I’m looking twice.  So, when I went to the Tribal Soul shop at the Fantasy Faire in Sector SciFi, I was very excited to find the Season 1 skins which have freckles and makeup to make me look four times!

Season 1 – Blonde (no freckles) Season 1 – Red

Season 1 – Dark Season 1 – Tan

All four tones are complimented by unique makeup that definitely stands out, without being overwhelming, which is something I always look for in a skin.  I am also wearing Secrets hair in Gwen, the reds pack. Syndel is the co-owner of Secrets (with Beautifully Sinister) and their hair can be found upstairs in the Tribal Soul shop at the Fantasy Faire.*
*link above for Secrets is to the main store.

The Tribal Soul main store can be found on the Endless Night sim.

Style Notes:
Shape: my own
Skin: Tribal Soul – as noted above (R)
Hair: Secrets – Gwen; Auburn (Blonde and Red skin sets); Cherry (Dark skin set); Brick (Tan skin set)
Shirt: EmJay – OoO Shiny

Pose used: – Model Pose 21

Ariel, Diana, Natasha, Glimmer and Phillys: Relay for Life

Hello.  My name is Daybreak, and I’m an addict.

My addiction isn’t just to shopping, but to several specific types of items – especially beautiful gowns.  I can’t help it!  I love the way a well-made gown looks, the way it moves when you’re walking or dancing; something about putting on the right gown makes you feel beautiful/powerful/elegant – the adjective depends on the dress, really.

One of my favorite ways to feed my addiction is with creations by Kouse Singh of Kouse’s Sanctum.  At the moment, she is participating in the Fantasy Faire and can be found on the Via Obscurium sim, as well as in the auction on the central sim.  Seven of her gowns are in Relay for Life vendors (in her special RFL colors) – 5 of which I have to show you!

In order of appearance: Ariel, Diana, Natasha, Phillys and Glimmer!

There are two things that make gowns from Kouse’s Sanctum stand out in my mind: details and versatility.  Versatility is the key to every staple in a girl’s wardrobe, after all. Each gown that Ms. Singh creates is perfectly detailed from the hems to the prims, while maintaining a classic style that is as appropriate for a black-tie affair as it is for roleplaying.


Fantasy Faire: Atea Avatars

So, remember when we talked about you heading over to the Fantasy Faire?

You wrote it down while I waited?

Awesome, we’re on the same page!  So, while I’m sure that you’ve combed the Faire for everything it has to offer and already made fantastic donations to Relay for Life, I thought I would show you two things that can be found on the Via Obscurium sim from Atea Avatars.

On the left is the Mysti Summer Faery, on the right is the Marama Female Drow (Summer Edition).

Before I had the opportunity to try on these avatars, I didn’t have much experience with having a full avatar in one package.  I had seen the option, but hadn’t seen many that were not specifically for fantasy characters and that wasn’t what I was looking for at the time.  However, now having had the opportunity to try on the creations of Atea Aeon, I have a much better appreciation for having everything together in one cohesive package.


Spring Bazaar

This is going to be picture heavy!

Lots of blogs have already covered the Spring Bazaar that started last weekend and ends soon. The Bazaar was put together with a lot of the same designers who did the Valentine’s Bazaar, and everything is under 50L again with an egg hunt (eggs were either 1L or free depending on the vendor). So, a little something for every budget!

I wanted to show some of my favorite finds. (Style notes will be added later!) Every event like this I find new things that I love to add to my inventory because the designers continue to amaze me with not just their creativity, but their attention to detail – something I think is especially important when there isn’t a prim attachment to hide a seam!

Now, I’m not a designer, but I tried to dabble a little in making one or two things only to find that it is better for everyone if I leave it up to the experts! (I’ve always been a better shopper anyway.)

Intrigue Co. has been one of my favorite stores for months, so I’m always excited to see what Katharine McGinnis has designed this time! This adorable Panda Totem shirt was in the hunt egg for 1L. To be honest, it was when I saw that this shirt was available that I dropped everything and went to the Bazaar. Not that I like pandas or anything… okay, I love pandas, and if they’re included in a design, I will definitely be looking twice, if I don’t snatch it up immediately!

She also has a rainbow shirt and drizzly weather shirt for 25L each. So cute, and they look great with jeans for an everyday look.

While I love dressing up and playing around with fashion, I’m always going to be a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl at heart, so I love finding fun t-shirts that remind me of things I had when I was younger, or that just make me smile. TUFT has a few t-shirts out, this Cupcake Cult one is in one of their eggs in the hunt (which really is just looking around, thank goodness!).

Frop! has this Kind of Crazy shirt, which more than a couple of people have pointed out might be a good warning label for me – I have no idea what they’re talking about. *whistles innocently*

This is a Fawn offered their Leda dress in blush at the Bazaar. One of the things I really like about this dress is that the top and “glitch pants” can be worn on their own as well, they’re not confined to being part of a full outfit.

Von Ducky has their Spring Time dress out – shown here in Pink and Green. I like that the dress comes with different ratings versions – PG13, R and X – very versatile. All of the skirt options are sexy, but I like having the option to be less overtly so if that’s how I’m feeling that day. Here the Pink is “R” and the Green is “PG13”. You’ll have to see for yourself what makes the other option rated “X”.

Scribble is another one of my favorite stores in SL.  I love the build of the store, and sim, and how there is a feeling of innocence in so many of the designs.  The April Showers and May Flowers jumpers definitely have that innocence.  They remind me of playtime fun, which we could all use more of in our lives.

Happy Spring! … and go check out the Spring Bazaar before it ends!

Style Notes:
Links below are to main locations 🙂