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Fantasy Faire 2010: Fairy Unique Designs!

I’m very excited to be blogging this particular post because, today, I have done something I was never able to do before in SL.  I built something recognizable!

Happyholly Grigges of Fairy Unique Designs graciously let me try out her textures that are in her Relay for Life vendors, which can currently be found at the teleport point for the Via Obscurium sim. Hurry over because today is the last day!

So, what did I build?  A flower garden!!!! (Humor me, this is very exciting.)

You can even tell what it is that I built.  I was so excited, I had to sit down and enjoy my new garden for a bit.

I think I will need to expand my garden soon.  Maybe turn it into a full-time bunny home.

Being the complete amateur builder that I am, my little garden demonstrates only some of the textures available from Fairy Unique Designs.  In each pack you get several color variations of her textures (as in the case of the fence and gate), or several different textures of similar items (as is the case with the flowers), so that you can be as creative as you like.

Here’s what you see:

Garden Fence and Gate: Fairy Unique Designs – Fantasy Fairy Garden Fence Texture Pack (R)
Flowers: Fairy Unique Designs – Purple Flowers Set 1 Texture Pack (R)

On Me:
Hair: – Tatum (Passionate Red)
Skin: [ATOMIC] – Baily Autumn 2 (Cream)
Shirt: Apple May Designs – All His Top (Green)

Poses: – Model Pose 14 (ao version); Posies (ground sit)


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