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There really isn’t anything else like it…

My best friend spent most of the day controlling my television, which can be one of the most boring things ever. While we have a lot in common, she has a penchant for watching reality TV that can be just painful. There’s only so many times I can watch the Real Housecats of San Bernadino before I want to claw my eyes out. It usually leaves me sitting around wondering when can we ever do something else.

There MUST be something better to watch...

Not that I do much other than watch TV when I’m alone. But I think that has a lot to do with my never getting to choose what’s on my television – like ever. When I do get to choose, it’s almost always something on one of the history channels. There’s this channel – the whole channel is like a train wreck. It’s the “wealth” channel on cable. I don’t know if you’ve watched it, but it often has programs like you’d find on the history channel – you know, when it still showed stuff about history instead of reality shows. Anyway, it had a show on about Roman history and I couldn’t stop myself from watching. I tried, but I couldn’t stop.


I’m a little dubious of their “sources” – it’s like facts had no bearing on the show.I’m not talking about little mixups, but mis-identifying emperors, or who built the Coliseum – you know, little things like that. They’re a TV show, they should check their facts – in my humble opinion. And where do they find their “academincs”? Seriously, who would hire these people? Sigh.

Styling Credits (will add more links shortly; until then, SLurls can be found on the SL Locations page at my blog) (more…)


Dance Par-tay!

A super cute outfit like this, and it makes me want to dance. And dance, and dance, and dance…

Dance Par-tay!

Okay, that was exhausting!


Dance animations – several, in fact – and sits (for when you collapse from all that dancing) are included in the Loungin’ Floor Pillow from {what next}. The yellow version is a donation item at Culture Shock.

Styling Credits
Top: Apple May Designs – Lola Top (Dust; at Culture Shock)
Jeans: mon tissu – Nora Skinny Jeans
Shoes: epoque – Revolution Pumps (Floral; old hunt item)
Skin: Akeruka – Lisa (Olive)
Hair: Lelutka – Expert (Burnt)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Oak Leaf
Lipstick: Redbird – Matte Nude Lip (for Culture Shock) R
Lipgloss: mock cosmetics – Lucir Lipcolor

Cushion/Poses (yep, even the dancing): whatnext – Loungin’ Floor Pillow (for Culture Shock; yellow is donation item)

I’m getting dizzy

So many circles, I don’t know what to do.

Bubble bling

Styling Credits
Dress/Ring: Solidea Folies – Shock (white dress, sky ring; for Culture Shock) R
Skin: Akeruka – Blanca (for Culture Shock) R
Hair: Elikatira – Listen (Black 04)
Eyes: IKON – Utopia Eyes (Bahama Green)

Pose/Prop: Sparrowtree Studio Poses – Circles of Light (for Culture Shock) R


And then I’m all “rawr” and junk.


Plank couture is new to me, although I’ve been aware of the store for a while, I haven’t picked anything up until now. They have a whole zodiac-related collection for Culture shock, and I grabbed one of everything. I love how the inspiration is obvious, but there is clearly so much creativity that goes into each product they put out.

Culture Shock is going on until May 26th – go check it out.

Styling Credits
Dress: Chantkare – Derma dress (not sure if this is still available)
Facial Mask/Crown: plank couture – Sagittarius ad Sebastiani (Corona and Masca; SLurl links to Culture Shock booth) R
Skin: Akeruka – Blanca (for Culture Shock; SLurl links to Culture Shock booth) R
Hair: plank couture – Leo ad Widowa (pella; SLurl links to Culture Shock booth) R
Eyes: IKON – Utopia eyes (Bahama Green)
Makeup: la petite morte – tribal makeup (white; SLurl links to Culture Shock booth) R
Hairbase: booN – gathered hairbase mid (Black)
Lashes: petticoat lane – tattoo lashes (doe eyed)

Pose: oOo – allegory (for Culture Shock; sLurl links to Culture Shock booth)
Background: Sparrowtree Studio Poses – Platforms (for Culture Shock; SLurl links to Culture Shock booth) R

*Edit: Updated to link pictures from Flickr.

Good use for paper…

I deal with a lot of paper every day, and sometimes I think the best use for it is as confetti. On the other hand, there are other options…

A very good use of files...

I’ve had my share of medical files as well – probably more than my share – which is part of why I like this collar from .Shi (for Back to Black) so much. The journey through and to mental health can be extraordinarily frustrating, and awareness is a huge step in the right direction.

I know I’m running close to closing time, but quickly get over there and learn a bit, there is a lot of good information around. That isn’t even mentioning the personal stories that people have shared, sometimes all it takes for someone to get help is for them to know that they aren’t the only ones going through this – they’re not alone. No, we’re not alone. So… go, learn…shop.

Collar: .Shi – Paper Fashion Collar (Back to Black)
Bra: Glam Affair – Intima (Marta)
Pants: Celoe – Lolong Trousers (Iroko)
Shoes: Pixel Mode – Luna Leather (Rustic)
Skin: Akeruka – Lisa 1 (for Back to Black)*
Hair: Lelutka – Inverted
Eyes: Poetic Colors


*There’s a closer picture that shows off this awesome skin better that you can find on my Flickr.