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Baking Treats

The first day of holiday baking starts out optimistic.  So many people on your list, and all of them love cookies!

TSE - Baffle! & TJunction

Except, I keep forgetting that making cookies takes forever.

TSE - Baffle! & TJunction

Somehow, the amount of dough you have to work with never gets any smaller… not on day two

TSE - Baffle! & TJunction

Or day three…

TSE - Baffle! & TJunction

Eventually, all of the cookies are done, packed and ready to be given to your friends and family, which means that it’s time to check on that stocking you left by the fireplace and see if any goodies have magically appeared.

TSE - paper.doll & Plastik

Just be sure you don’t get caught, or they might disappear.

For more stocking shenanigans, there are a few more pictures (and bigger versions of the pics here) on my Flickr.

Styling Credits
Items in bold italics are from The Snowflake Experience and are in Toys for Tots vendors.

Tops (Top to Bottom): T-Junction – Christmas Top (Green, Red, Grey – all come together in one package)
Jeans: – Low.Rise Jeans (Dark)
Shoes: – Basic.Flats (Charcoal)
Skin: ATOMIC – Bailey Autumn (Cream)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Earth)
Hair: TRUTH – Keeley (Jupiter)
Props/Pose: Baffle! – Baking Time

Stocking Shenanigans
PJs: paperdoll – Long John’s (striped)
Slippers: Concrete Flowers – Christmas Fever Slippers (2009 Christmas gift)
Skin/Ears: Plastik – Lionheart Freks (Candycane)
Hair: TRUTH – Madeline (Cherry)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Christmas Dreams (current freebie)
Stocking/Pose: Exposeur – Stocking Stuffer


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