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Tennis Anyone?

It is seriously embarrassing when you’re all ready to go, you’ve got your game face on…

Game Face

and you find out you’re on a football pitch, not a tennis court.

Le Sigh

*sigh* At least the outfit is cute?

You Sure..

Part of a series – and 52 weeks of color (white – obviously).  More pics on Flickr.

Styling Credits (links back at my blog on Locations page)
Top: Scribble – Opposites Attract (White)
Skirt: Sh*t Happens – Ruffley Skirt (White)
Shoes: INDI Designs – Oliveri Sneaker (White)
Skin: League – Sia Natural (Pale)
Hair: Magika – Nayla
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Fashion for Life Amber

Poses: Del May and Diesel Works


Totally Rad

I feel like I’m on Saved by the Bell or something.  And it’s awesome!!!

Does this still look cute?

So, while I go listen to some Bon Jovi and NKOTB on my way to the Max, we need to remember that today is the last day for Fashion for Life. I have a couple other really cute finds that I’ll post in a bit, but for now, just remember that today is the last day of this Relay fashion event – so… GO!

Styling Credits
Top: Emery – Top Tie (Tiger from previous TDR)
Skirt: Grixdale – Lazy Denim Skirt (Teal for FFL)
Shoes: Bellballs – Dangerously Studded Heels (Peach)
Bracelets: BOOM – Sweetheart Bangles (from Valentine’s Gacha)
Hair: TRUTH – Krystal (Auburn)
Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly Spotted Love (Honey)*
Nails: Exodi – Nails V2 (Hot Pink)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Fashion for Life (Silent Garden in FFL Gacha)
Pose: Exposeur

Mirror: Scribble – from Designers United 4
Wall decoration: Wall Candy for Pacific Crisis Fund
Pic taken inside of: doremi skybox for Pacific Crisis Fund

*Diamond is Mine Hunt2 hunt item – for more information on the hunt, check out Sophia Rossen’s blog.

Spring Bazaar

This is going to be picture heavy!

Lots of blogs have already covered the Spring Bazaar that started last weekend and ends soon. The Bazaar was put together with a lot of the same designers who did the Valentine’s Bazaar, and everything is under 50L again with an egg hunt (eggs were either 1L or free depending on the vendor). So, a little something for every budget!

I wanted to show some of my favorite finds. (Style notes will be added later!) Every event like this I find new things that I love to add to my inventory because the designers continue to amaze me with not just their creativity, but their attention to detail – something I think is especially important when there isn’t a prim attachment to hide a seam!

Now, I’m not a designer, but I tried to dabble a little in making one or two things only to find that it is better for everyone if I leave it up to the experts! (I’ve always been a better shopper anyway.)

Intrigue Co. has been one of my favorite stores for months, so I’m always excited to see what Katharine McGinnis has designed this time! This adorable Panda Totem shirt was in the hunt egg for 1L. To be honest, it was when I saw that this shirt was available that I dropped everything and went to the Bazaar. Not that I like pandas or anything… okay, I love pandas, and if they’re included in a design, I will definitely be looking twice, if I don’t snatch it up immediately!

She also has a rainbow shirt and drizzly weather shirt for 25L each. So cute, and they look great with jeans for an everyday look.

While I love dressing up and playing around with fashion, I’m always going to be a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl at heart, so I love finding fun t-shirts that remind me of things I had when I was younger, or that just make me smile. TUFT has a few t-shirts out, this Cupcake Cult one is in one of their eggs in the hunt (which really is just looking around, thank goodness!).

Frop! has this Kind of Crazy shirt, which more than a couple of people have pointed out might be a good warning label for me – I have no idea what they’re talking about. *whistles innocently*

This is a Fawn offered their Leda dress in blush at the Bazaar. One of the things I really like about this dress is that the top and “glitch pants” can be worn on their own as well, they’re not confined to being part of a full outfit.

Von Ducky has their Spring Time dress out – shown here in Pink and Green. I like that the dress comes with different ratings versions – PG13, R and X – very versatile. All of the skirt options are sexy, but I like having the option to be less overtly so if that’s how I’m feeling that day. Here the Pink is “R” and the Green is “PG13”. You’ll have to see for yourself what makes the other option rated “X”.

Scribble is another one of my favorite stores in SL.  I love the build of the store, and sim, and how there is a feeling of innocence in so many of the designs.  The April Showers and May Flowers jumpers definitely have that innocence.  They remind me of playtime fun, which we could all use more of in our lives.

Happy Spring! … and go check out the Spring Bazaar before it ends!

Style Notes:
Links below are to main locations 🙂