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Fashion for life finds…

It is the last day of the Fashion for Life event, so if there are any last minute items you want to pick up, now is the time to do it.

I picked up a bunch of stuff this year, and have littered my Flickr with pictures of my finds.

Some are exclusives like the Purple Moon Marilyn gown in burgundy, the Zaara dress below, and the Poetic Colors eyes (they are so beautiful) – and others are like this dress fromBOOM which is a standard, but with proceeds going toward a great cause – and one very close to my heart.

Zaara Relay Not so preppy argyle

Luckily, while Fashion for Life is ending today, the Relay for Life season does not end for a while – so there is still plenty of time to contribute.

Styling Credits (links will be added when I can actually get through to my blog and don’t have to post directly from Flickr!)

Dress: Zaara – Svara Wrap Dress (Nude; Fashion for Life item)
Shoes: elikatira – Move Pumps (Near Black; Fashion for Life item)
Skin: The Plastik – Ataciara Lilium Smudge (RFL item)
Hair: Magika – Tess
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Fashion for Life (Emerald)
Pose: Posies

Dress: BOOM – Argyle Mini-Dress (Teal; Fashion for Life item)
Socks: BOOM – Folded Wool Socks (Teal)
Shoes: UBU – Lo Tops
Hair: elikatira – Just (Red 05)
Skin: The Plastik – Ataciara Gypsy (Melody tone; makeup in all standard tones is RFL item)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Fashion for Life (Cosmic)
Pose: SLC


Magic from my hands…

Magic from my hands…

Magic to my fingertips...

fades to my feet.

Who Me?

Awesome, no? The shoes… well, a girl’s got to keep moving. (Shading shows the new demon fades at Plastik – this skin was one of the Fifty Linden Friday skins (also from Plastik)). I’m in lurve.

Styling Credits
Top/Skirt: The Plastik – Minimalist (Cork)
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unity (UBU) – PornStar Lo Tops
Skin: The Plastik – Ataciara Valah (Light Magic)
Hair: TRUTH – Francesca (Jupiter Upper)
Eyes: The Plastik – VaeCollection (Remnant)

Poses: Sweet Lovely Cute (Body Language by SLC)

Holiday Skins!

I’m a SUCKER for a beautiful skin. Especially with beautiful makeup, or in an interesting color – like green 🙂

Aikea Rieko of The Plastik has put out a bunch of different skins for the Holidays and they fit perfectly into my obsession. The skins that are in her elven tones come with several makeups – the special holiday makeups (24 Carat, Ice Queen, Hollyjolly, Holly Blooms) and basic makeups (plain, freckles, cult, evel, tribe, shade). I am in love. Is it inappropriate to propose over virtual creations?

These are from The Snowflake Experience… (I’m not sure if they’ll be available after the event is over, but I’ll update when I do find out.)

Plastik Emerald Plastik - Holly Plastik - Candycane Plastik Cranberry

These are from Holiday Hill (on Harold)… again, I’m not sure if they’ll be available after the event ends, but I’ll update when I do know. Also, the Holly Blooms are available for all of the standard Lionheart skintones, I’m just showing Fable here.

Plastik Menthe Plastik - Christmas Past Plastik - Fable Holly Blooms

More pics on my Flickr (as usual).

Styling Credits:
Italics can be found at The Snowflake Experience. Bold Italic items benefit Toys for Tots. Main store links can be found on the locations page of my blog.

Pictures 1-4 (info in order from left to right)
Skin: Plastik – Emerald (Hollyjolly); Holly (Cult); Candycane (Freckles); Cranberry (Holly Blooms)
Hair: Truth – Madeline (Sandalwood; Jupiter; Cherry; Java)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Fairy Dale; UmedamaHolic – Saturn; UmedamaHolic – Saturn; Poetic Colors – Massive Lead
Pose: Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute

Pictures 5-7
Italicized items here can be found at Holiday Hill.
Skin: Plastik – Menthe (Hollyjolly); Christmas Past (Holly Blooms); Fable (Holly Blooms)
Hair: Truth – Madeline (Barley; Quince; Jupiter)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Misty Night; Poetic Colors – Fairy Dale; UmedamaHolic – Saturn
Pose: Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute

Can’t get you out of my head…RFL (2)

Ever have one of those days when you just can’t get the reason why something is important out of your mind? Even more than usual and not just the overall goal, but the personal reasons why it means something to you? That’s been the past few days for me and Relay for Life, which is why I started taking pictures of the four RFL outfits available from Evie’s Closet that are available in the front of the main store in special vendors. Two of the outfits were posted earlier (Elizabeth and Muse II).

The other two items, Avery and Fable, which each have multiple ways they can be worn.  As I’ve said before, versatility is very important as far as I’m concerned – and not just how parts of a set can be worn with different items.  We all know how to do that, but I really like seeing different options within the same outfit for the same reason I don’t mind seeing a few of the same thing from different blogs on the feeds – I love seeing how the same thing can be made to look strikingly different with just a few alterations.

Avery is shown with all of the included options for the outfit: a ballet skirt, a babydoll skirt, and wings.I feel like a Spring fairy in this outfit, and I love the way it fits.  As with all of Evangeline Miles’ creations, the quality and detail of these designs are phenomenal – especially the flowers on the Avery top attachment and shoes.  My rule of thumb is: if it’s from Evie’s Closet and has flowers included, it needs to be in my inventory.

I love the depth of color in the Fable outfit.  Fable comes with the long skirt and ballet skirts shown, as well as a lingerie option (not shown).  The name was the first thing that attracted me to Fable (because the pictures hadn’t rezzed yet and I was mousing over things to try to see what I needed to get a better look at), and I love how appropriate it is to the outfit.  It looks like something straight out of a storybook, and feels much the same when wandering about in the dress in-world.  I like to add wings to the ballet skirt version a lot of the time for an impromptu fairy outfit, or a key attachment to the back for a wind-up doll look. (I’ll be putting those on Flickr soon.)


Fantasy Faire: Atea Avatars

So, remember when we talked about you heading over to the Fantasy Faire?

You wrote it down while I waited?

Awesome, we’re on the same page!  So, while I’m sure that you’ve combed the Faire for everything it has to offer and already made fantastic donations to Relay for Life, I thought I would show you two things that can be found on the Via Obscurium sim from Atea Avatars.

On the left is the Mysti Summer Faery, on the right is the Marama Female Drow (Summer Edition).

Before I had the opportunity to try on these avatars, I didn’t have much experience with having a full avatar in one package.  I had seen the option, but hadn’t seen many that were not specifically for fantasy characters and that wasn’t what I was looking for at the time.  However, now having had the opportunity to try on the creations of Atea Aeon, I have a much better appreciation for having everything together in one cohesive package.