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This just in: July is hot!

Sunshine? Check. Beach? Check. Cute outfit? Check. Place to sit and wait for fireworks because it is so oppressively hot? Hmm… maybe there’s something behind the next set of palm trees….

Electric Boardwalk

Styling Credits
Shirt: Whippet & Buck – Simple Cropped Bustier (Electric)
Shorts: League – Frayed Denim Shorts (Warm Blue)
Necklace: Miel – Chum Necklace
Skin: Curio – Yum 2 Mint Julep 2 (Petal)
Hair: Me. – Bridgett (part of everything HUD)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Berlin Nights
Bandaids (on knee, not visible in all): Reek – Bandaids (Britta Hearts)


52 Weeks of Color – Electric Blue


Skyboxes and Skirts

Like a lot of people in Second Life, I’m wary of system skirts. They sit above the avatar mesh, they can look funky even if you edit your shape, you know the drill. So, when I found the pencil skirts of Vanitas Vesture, I was beyond excited. These are beautifully made system skirts that look great. I love the belts that come with them – just what I have been wanting.

Pacific Mocha Pacific Red

Gorgeous! More pics on my Flickr.

Styling Credits:
Pic 1
Top(s): Whippet & Buck – Cole Boatneck (Fusion Coral – old Stumblebum exclusive)
Skirt: Vanitas Vesture – Meticulous Pencil Skirt (Pacific Mocha for Pacific Crisis Fundraiser)
Shoes: Lelutka – Saffron Pumps (Neutral Terracotta)
Skin: Plastik – Ataciara Blood (Melody)
Freckles: Plastik – Ataciara Freckles Tattoo Layer
Hair: elikatira – Hye (Red 05)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Tired Lilac
Pose: LAP

Pic 2
Top(s): Whippet & Buck – Claven Lace Top (Rose under Antique)
Skirt: Vanitas Vesture – Meticulous Pencil Skirt (Pacific Red for Pacific Crisis Fundraiser)
Shoes: Lelutka – Saffron Pumps (Soft Tan)
Skin: Curio – Lustre Luxe 1 (Petal)
Hair: – Miley (Passionate Red)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Earth)
Pose: LAP

Skybox: Tweedle – Tatami Room Skybox (for Pacific Crisis Fundraiser)

Donate – Couples Poses

Project Donate has fantastic couples poses for sale to benefit flood victims in Pakistan. I’m still getting used to adjusting poses for two, so bear with me if they aren’t perfect, but check out some of the poses you can find:

Project Donate Poseur and *FaKE* Project Donate Storin' and *FaKE* Project Donate Juxtapose and *FaKE* Project Donate *FaKE* and Poseur Project Donate Oh My Stars! and *FaKE*

Don’t you love the tiled water in the first picture? I do. I just can’t figure out how to not make that happen. Something more important – the pose from the first picture actually comes in that mat of Autumn leaves that you can see at our feet. There are four couples poses in the mat AND there are particle leaves that fall around you in a beautiful, whimsical way. Unfortunately, when I took the pic, I had turned off particles, so you can’t see them here. Trust me, they’re beautifully done.
The top I’m wearing in all the pics also available to benefit Project Donate from *FaKE* – a lot of these are also available at the main stores of their creators.


50L Fridays – Last Minute Pickups

Two favorites from 50L Fridays – another late one, sorry! The bathing suit is from Whippet and Buck, the kiddie pool is from Long Awkward Pose. Both items were still for sale as of posting time.

Fun in the Sun - 50L Friday Edition

Looks like a great time, considering how hot it has been recently where I am in RL.

Fun in the Sun - 50L Friday Edition

Just a quick laugh 🙂

Style Notes:
Bathing Suit: Whippet & Buck – Phoenix Swimsuit (Kitten Nose)
Hair: – Tatum (Passionate Red)
Skin: Atomic – Baily Autumn 2 (Cream)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic)

Poses and Prop: Long Awkward Pose
Emoter: Adorkable Poses

Electric Blue Friday!

Today is the kind of day that definitely calls for an electric blue end, and (luckily) Whippet and Buck have come to the rescue with one of the bustiers from their 50L Friday fatpack of 7!  This deal is for Friday only, so you have… about 2 hours left to pick it up (sorry for the short notice).


Update: Pic of all the colors, for your enjoyment!

In order: Alabaster, Antique, Black, Cherry Blossom, Electric, Chocolate, and Cream.

Fifty linden Friday links are all over the feeds today, and a lot of people have shown other awesome things, but I have to say that this bustier fatpack is my favorite of this weeks selections. Might be because I was looking for something bright to cheer up my day, might be because I love the detail that Whippet & Buck put in even the simple things – like the detail in the bustiers – is one of the reasons I keep going back for more.

Style Notes:
Top: Whippet & Buck – Simple Cropped Bustier (Electric) ***Part of 50L Fridays Fatpack of 7 colors!
Jeans: – Low.Rise Jeans (Black)
Shoes: A-BOMB – Mia Ballet Flats
Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Cream (Pink Cotton 1)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic) Hair: – Tatum (Passionate Red)

Poses: (pda)