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Where did August go?

No, seriously… where did it go?  Because the last time I checked, it had just started and I was all ready to have a somewhat relaxing month – and then I woke up and remembered I still had to go to work.  Man, if I didn’t have bills… or a serious addiction to really cool SL stuff…

Anyway, since today is the last day of August, it’s the last day of the Platinum Hunt – you know, the one I told you about before?  And totally meant to write more about, but August ran past me like a toddler with with a contraband cookie. Right, so, since it’s the last day of the hunt, I thought I’d taunt show you some (more) of the goodies that you can pick up for 10L each until the end of the day today (in case you haven’t already).

Ha! Platinum Platinum Acid & Mala
The hunt items are the Mustache Pearls from Ha! (comes with a scripted version to where the mustache wiggles – it’s awesome!) and Messed Memory Wired Set from Acid & Mala (just beautiful detail).

Platinum and Escher Reale Platinum Platinum Berries Platinum Deviance Platinum SLink, Blitzed & dekade Platinum Rockberry, Magika and Just Me
The hunt items in these pics are the Acid & Mala set again; the dress from *Reale* (Holds up to rezzing, and dancing – I tested it!); the top from Berries Inc.; the Enchantress set from Deviance/Rockberry Kalista skin; the sunglasses from Blitzed/jacket from SLink/skin from [dekade]; the skin from Rockberry/top from *Just Me*/hair from Magika. More pics (including some stuff from the hunt not covered here) on my Flickr.

All of these items are incredible and showcase some of the best designers/creators out there.  As an aside, I have to point out something that I love about the Berries Inc shirt.  I love how the artwork on the system shirt and the prim are continuous (depending on whether or not I’ve messed it up with a pose).  LOVE IT.  It shows an incredible attention to detail, something I appreciate, but totally don’t have the patience to do for myself (which just makes me appreciate it more).

Styling credits:
Italicized items are from the Platinum Hunt.


Black as My Soul – Plastik Sale

The “Black as My Soul” sale was still going on the last time I was at The Plastik, on Friday. A few people have shown their finds from the sale, and I can’t resist showing a few of the things I brought home.

(In order: Bordello, Boudoir, Courtesan, Prayer, Galizie, Shredder, Valerian)

I love Aikea Rieko’s designs, and being able to pick them up at a bargain definitely brightened my entire week (although I have and will also happily pay full price).

Style Notes:

Dresses/Sets (in order of photo): The Plastik – Bordello (Darkest Darkness); Boudoir (Noir); Courtesan (Cane); Prayer (Black); Galizie (Venice);  Shredder (Black);  Valerian (Black)
Skin (same in all): The Plastik – Lionheart Januari (Fable)
Hair (same in all): TRUTH – Lulu (Auburn)
Eyes (same in all): UmedamaHolic

Poses: (with love & squalor)