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Fantasy Faire 2010: Not Over Yet!

The Fantasy Faire ends tonight, but there is still time to go over now and check out the fantastic designers and all that they have available!

For instance… I picked up this beautiful outfit from Evie’s Closet, which is on the Elvencourt sim.  This the the Ariel outfit in Rainbow, which can be found in her Relay for Life vendor!

While upstairs in Evie’s Closet, I noticed she had her Faery outfit available in the special edition that was out for Spring.  This is a special edition available until it isn’t any longer (unfortunately, I don’t have the notecard on exactly how long it will be available).

Go check out Elvencourt and all the 8 other awesome sims of the Fantasy Faire while it’s still going on!
More info can be found at the main sim and at the Fantasy Faire blog.

Style Notes:

Outfit 1
Outfit: *Evie’s Closet* – Ariel (RFL Rainbow)
Skin: Belleza – Alyson (Pale)
Hair: Truth – Drew (Jupiter)

Outfit 2
Outfit: *Evie’s Closet* – Faery (Special Edition – Spring)
Skin: ATOMIC – Faith Royalty (Cream)
Hair: Tiny Bird – Ciao Bella (Ginger)

Poses: (pda), Diesel Works, SPIRIT


Fantasy Faire 2010: Tribal Soul Designs

We all need skins, a lot of us spend a lot of time looking for a perfect skin to complete an outfit or reflect our mood.  On a day to day basis, I prefer fair skins with freckles, but one thing I have always been drawn to is makeup.  RL, SL, it doesn’t matter; if the makeup is striking, you can bet that I’m looking twice.  So, when I went to the Tribal Soul shop at the Fantasy Faire in Sector SciFi, I was very excited to find the Season 1 skins which have freckles and makeup to make me look four times!

Season 1 – Blonde (no freckles) Season 1 – Red

Season 1 – Dark Season 1 – Tan

All four tones are complimented by unique makeup that definitely stands out, without being overwhelming, which is something I always look for in a skin.  I am also wearing Secrets hair in Gwen, the reds pack. Syndel is the co-owner of Secrets (with Beautifully Sinister) and their hair can be found upstairs in the Tribal Soul shop at the Fantasy Faire.*
*link above for Secrets is to the main store.

The Tribal Soul main store can be found on the Endless Night sim.

Style Notes:
Shape: my own
Skin: Tribal Soul – as noted above (R)
Hair: Secrets – Gwen; Auburn (Blonde and Red skin sets); Cherry (Dark skin set); Brick (Tan skin set)
Shirt: EmJay – OoO Shiny

Pose used: – Model Pose 21

Fantasy Faire 2010: Fairy Unique Designs!

I’m very excited to be blogging this particular post because, today, I have done something I was never able to do before in SL.  I built something recognizable!

Happyholly Grigges of Fairy Unique Designs graciously let me try out her textures that are in her Relay for Life vendors, which can currently be found at the teleport point for the Via Obscurium sim. Hurry over because today is the last day!

So, what did I build?  A flower garden!!!! (Humor me, this is very exciting.)

You can even tell what it is that I built.  I was so excited, I had to sit down and enjoy my new garden for a bit.

I think I will need to expand my garden soon.  Maybe turn it into a full-time bunny home.

Being the complete amateur builder that I am, my little garden demonstrates only some of the textures available from Fairy Unique Designs.  In each pack you get several color variations of her textures (as in the case of the fence and gate), or several different textures of similar items (as is the case with the flowers), so that you can be as creative as you like.

Here’s what you see:

Garden Fence and Gate: Fairy Unique Designs – Fantasy Fairy Garden Fence Texture Pack (R)
Flowers: Fairy Unique Designs – Purple Flowers Set 1 Texture Pack (R)

On Me:
Hair: – Tatum (Passionate Red)
Skin: [ATOMIC] – Baily Autumn 2 (Cream)
Shirt: Apple May Designs – All His Top (Green)

Poses: – Model Pose 14 (ao version); Posies (ground sit)

Ariel, Diana, Natasha, Glimmer and Phillys: Relay for Life

Hello.  My name is Daybreak, and I’m an addict.

My addiction isn’t just to shopping, but to several specific types of items – especially beautiful gowns.  I can’t help it!  I love the way a well-made gown looks, the way it moves when you’re walking or dancing; something about putting on the right gown makes you feel beautiful/powerful/elegant – the adjective depends on the dress, really.

One of my favorite ways to feed my addiction is with creations by Kouse Singh of Kouse’s Sanctum.  At the moment, she is participating in the Fantasy Faire and can be found on the Via Obscurium sim, as well as in the auction on the central sim.  Seven of her gowns are in Relay for Life vendors (in her special RFL colors) – 5 of which I have to show you!

In order of appearance: Ariel, Diana, Natasha, Phillys and Glimmer!

There are two things that make gowns from Kouse’s Sanctum stand out in my mind: details and versatility.  Versatility is the key to every staple in a girl’s wardrobe, after all. Each gown that Ms. Singh creates is perfectly detailed from the hems to the prims, while maintaining a classic style that is as appropriate for a black-tie affair as it is for roleplaying.


Fantasy Faire: Atea Avatars

So, remember when we talked about you heading over to the Fantasy Faire?

You wrote it down while I waited?

Awesome, we’re on the same page!  So, while I’m sure that you’ve combed the Faire for everything it has to offer and already made fantastic donations to Relay for Life, I thought I would show you two things that can be found on the Via Obscurium sim from Atea Avatars.

On the left is the Mysti Summer Faery, on the right is the Marama Female Drow (Summer Edition).

Before I had the opportunity to try on these avatars, I didn’t have much experience with having a full avatar in one package.  I had seen the option, but hadn’t seen many that were not specifically for fantasy characters and that wasn’t what I was looking for at the time.  However, now having had the opportunity to try on the creations of Atea Aeon, I have a much better appreciation for having everything together in one cohesive package.


Fantasy Faire 2010

(Originally uploaded by Ember Farina, used with permission.)

The Fantasy Faire 2010 just opened to the general SL population, and if it isn’t on your must-do list, put it on there!

Go on… I’ll wait…

I was able to get an early look at the event, which benefits Relay for Life, and (for all of us shopaholics) the creators there are fantastic!  Even if fantasy isn’t your usual shopping genre, you should check it out – there is definitely something for everyone in the 9 sims. (I’ll be showing more of what the Faire has to offer a little later.)

If shopping isn’t your thing, the sims themselves are worth the trip.  Each sim build is an excellent representation of the assigned theme, and definitely worth waiting for everything to rez so you get the full picture.  While you’re doing that, I suggest using your camera to look down on the Faire as a whole.  To me, it looks like a big (albeit square) wheel – a shape that makes it easier to move from one sim to the next and not miss anything.

Did I mention that there are also events going on during the Faire?  Live music, auctions are going to be going on all week.

For more information on events, which creators are on which sim, and any other details you might want to know – check out the official website of Fantasy Faire 2010.