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Sometimes, even with the prettiest of petals swirling around you, introspection takes over entirely. That’s natural.

It's Complicated

So is (eventually) being distracted by the beauty at hand, and getting on with it.

Really complicated

Styling Credits
Outfit: RunoRuno – Cherry Blossom Petals (from Help Japan Event, not sure if it is still available)
Feet: SLink – Jolie Pied Barefoot
Skin: Glam Affair – Layla Clean (Light)
Hair: 69 – Diva (Sandy Blonde)
Hairbase – Dutch Touch – V2 (Blonde)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Fairy Eyes (Gretel)
Pose: RunoRuno – came with outfit


I like shinies, do you?

You know you’re in Second Life too often just enough when… you see camera flashes on something shiny and think someone really needs to turn off their bling function. Oh.. also… if you say that out loud, anyone who hasn’t been in Second Life will look at you like you’ve lost your mind. Just a hint.

I do love my shiny objects and I love them even more if they are free. So, this dress from Tres Beau and the adorkable poses (with gem props) definitely fit the bill. They are gifts in the Diamond is Mine Hunt 2 – you can get all the details on Sophia Rossen’s blog.

Ooooh, shiny!

Tres Beautiful, no? (Hey, at least I think I’m funny.

I’ve developed a jewelry habit over the last several months, re-fueled thanks in no small part to Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash. I found her store pretty much right after I first got into SL, and I still lover her designs. Check out a close-up.

Beautiful Whiskey

See what I mean? Her store is on Oubliette. Go check it out!

Styling Credits (Both Pictures)
Gown: Tres Beau – Cameron (Plum)*
Shoes (even if you can’t see them!): GField – Flower Pumps Eve (Black)
Jewelry: Balderdash – Whiskey on the Rocks Set
Skin: Dutch Touch – Keira Basic (Cotton)
Makeup: YS&YS – Wet Makeup (Ici)
Hair: elikatira – Away (Red 05)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Fashion for Life (Coffee at Night in FFL Gacha)

Picture 1 Pose/Gems: adorkable poses*
Picture 2 Poses:

*DIMH hunt item

Falling Roses

If there are two things I need to remember more they are….

How Deep

…it’s okay to wonder about what’s behind you, but also…


…to take in the moment.


Styling Credits:

(For both)
Outfit: Atomic Bambi – Body Vine (Cerise)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Keira Smokey (Cotton)
Hair: Truth – Orchid (Copper)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Wood)
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

52 Weeks of Color – Catching Up

Since I’m playing catch up in every other part of my life, it is SO appropriate that I have to catch up on the 52 weeks of color challenge.  So, without further ado, here are my looks for both blue and goldenrod!

Blue Blue Blue Snapshot_342

Now, the goldenrod outfit looks like it has a pretty equal mix of brown and the color of the week in there, but I do have pics on my Flickr without the jacket (following the rules a little closer).  I also have another goldenrod look – I wasn’t going to post it (because I wanted to do something similar when we got to greens), but it made me laugh and I needed that tonight.  I give you… Colonel Mustard! (Which reminds me, I really should play Clue(TM) more often).

COL Mustard on the Veranda

I have to say, putting the looks together has been the highlight of my past couple of weeks.  Thanks, Luna for coming up with this challenge!

Style Credits:
Diamond Hunt items are bolded – remember! the hunt ends tonight!

Blue Pic
Dress/Stockings/Shoes: Wishbox – Crush Set (Periwinkle)
Top Hat Headband: Fluid Furniture – Les Temps de Glamour Mini-Top Hat Headband
Hair: TRUTH – Chalice (Latte)
Skin: Curio – Elf Blue Bird (Petal)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Bright Eyes (Secret)
Pose: Diesel Works

Goldenrod Pic
Jacket: AOHARU – Tweed Feminine Coat (Brown)
Tank: R.icielli – Tank (Mustard)
Shorts: R.icielli – Eleanor High Waist Short (Mustard)
Shoes: Kookie – Enya (Dark Chocolate)
Sunglasses: Kumaki Glass Style – Glory
Hair: – Cassidy.2 (Passionate Red)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Xaya Tea Time (Cream)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Earth)

Colonel Mustard
Top: R.icielli – Candyman Top (Mustard)
Pants: R.icielli – Germanotta High Waist Pants (Mustard)
Belt: R.icielli – Vanessa Belt (Smoke)
Hat: R.icielli – Commander Hat (Mustard)
Boots: Mentine – Basic Ankle Boots (Brown Patent)
Hair: BOON – QPT129 (Chestnut)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Xaya Tea Time (Cream)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Sunrise)
Pose: Diesel Works

Summer of Love… coming to an end

Summer always flies by with day when everything is a little more relaxed and nights a little longer than normal.  Every June, when I was still in school, I always thought the Summer would stretch on forever, but come the end of August, I always felt like I blinked and it was over.  Now that I’m working, I feel that way about most time in general, but the Summer slowdown in particular – that special time when not everything is a rush, it never lasts, darnit!

The same thing goes for the Summer of Love Fair, which ends on August 8th.  So many talented designers are participating and have put out great finds (and some deals!) – a few of which are exclusive to the fair.  My favorites? Check out the pictures below:

TART Bree SOL Alexohol Fashions - Country Time (All Star) SOL

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I will continue to repeat myself (I tend to do that, my apologies now), but one of the big reasons I fall in love with an outfit is versatility – either in styling or use of the individual pieces.

SOL Plastik - Vintage SOL Plastik - Denali SOL Plastik - Floratia Intrigue - I'm a Maze(d) SOL Relentless Couture SOL

More pictures can be found on my Flickr with full styling credits.

As I’m sure you’ve seen, the point of this fair is to raise awareness for mental health issues, which a lot of people are affected by, and all of us encounter in one way or another in our lives.  I’m not going to get into any of the politics behind the quantity of information supplied (I get enough of that at work, thanks), but I do want to point out one thing – with all of the participation and interest, what I see is a group of people who are trying to say that if you have an issue and you need help, you are not alone.

Styling Credits*:
*For items found at the Summer of Love Fair, please use this link to the fair location since they are not all found at their main stores.  If you like the style of the items and want to check out the main stores, links can be found on  (Items not found at the fair are linked as usual.)


Relay for Life – Now In-Store!

The outfits in these next couple of posts are from Evie’s Closet, designed by Evangeline Miles – one of my absolutely favorite creators in Second Life, and a very nice person as well (from my brief interactions with her). Four of her Relay for Life (RFL) items that were part of either the Clothing Fair or the Fantasy Faire (or both) originally, and are now available in special RFL kiosks in the front of her main store.

One of the things that I like about the outfits from Evie’s Closet is that the work often speaks for itself, unless I just can’t help myself. On the left is Elizabeth, and on the right is Muse II.  Okay… I can’t help myself.  (You’re welcome to skip my ramblings if you like, the style notes are at the bottom.)


For the Love of McQueen Part 3

A few more things in the For the Love of McQueen tribute. Today we have a little bit of everything from wardrobe outfitters, Casa del Shai and Indyra Originals. Each piece is uniquely inspiring, and I had a great time taking all of the pictures.

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with RL or SL, sometimes fashion just speaks to you. Although in SL, it is more likely that fashion might pop up an IM, I was thinking of a more metaphorical speaking. Sometimes it’s as simple as making you smile, sometimes it’s knowing that by putting something on, you (or your avatar) become part of a work of art. In the case of all three designers, they have offered pieces of art and I can’t help but feel the excitement of knowing you’re wearing something special.

Wardrobe outfitters (Aurelia Scarpulla) brings an ethereal element to their Tousled par Tous outfit that is hard to capture in any life. I love the flowers mixed in with the tulle-esque shoulder piece, and the contrast with the simply elegant bodice. When I first put it on, I stared at it for what felt like ages – it was everything I had hoped it would be from the picture I had beforehand. And then I started taking pictures! 🙂

This piece by Casa del Shai (Shai Delacroix) reminds me of something from a modern art gallery. Anyone who knows me in RL knows that I have little love for abstract modern art, but I think I have found a way to change that – just make sure that what I see is like this! To be honest, I was hesitant of the pod-gown, but once I got it on (and found the right hair!), I couldn’t stop looking at it. The detail is incredible, as with all of the pieces in this event, and it definitely evoked a pod – all cocooned in couture.

Indyra Originals (Indyra Seigo) gives us our rock and roll. I will have to remember to take a picture of the back of this outfit because it has an awesome skull on the back of the pink – perfect detail! I can’t say enough about the Sakura du Mort and how incredible it is. Inspired by the cherry blossom, you can see this most literally in the detail of the neckline and the leggings. More abstractly, you can see it in the shape of the outfit, especially the skirt and collar – it’s incredible.

Enough waxing not so poetically about these outfits. I know it sounds like I am saying the same thing about all of them, but (as you can see) they are all very different; however, what makes them the same (and what makes us all the same) is that everything is unique and fabulous! (more…)

Alatiel Fashions – For the Love of McQueen

A quick update… Alatiel has this dress available as their tribute to Alexander McQueen.

I love the shape of the skirt and the detail on the brooch.

Style Notes:

Dress: Alatiel Fashion – kaliedoscope (McQueen)
Hair: [Tiny Bird] – Girl Anachronism (Caramel)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Jolie Pale Apricot (Pip 6)