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I like shinies, do you?

You know you’re in Second Life too often just enough when… you see camera flashes on something shiny and think someone really needs to turn off their bling function. Oh.. also… if you say that out loud, anyone who hasn’t been in Second Life will look at you like you’ve lost your mind. Just a hint.

I do love my shiny objects and I love them even more if they are free. So, this dress from Tres Beau and the adorkable poses (with gem props) definitely fit the bill. They are gifts in the Diamond is Mine Hunt 2 – you can get all the details on Sophia Rossen’s blog.

Ooooh, shiny!

Tres Beautiful, no? (Hey, at least I think I’m funny.

I’ve developed a jewelry habit over the last several months, re-fueled thanks in no small part to Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash. I found her store pretty much right after I first got into SL, and I still lover her designs. Check out a close-up.

Beautiful Whiskey

See what I mean? Her store is on Oubliette. Go check it out!

Styling Credits (Both Pictures)
Gown: Tres Beau – Cameron (Plum)*
Shoes (even if you can’t see them!): GField – Flower Pumps Eve (Black)
Jewelry: Balderdash – Whiskey on the Rocks Set
Skin: Dutch Touch – Keira Basic (Cotton)
Makeup: YS&YS – Wet Makeup (Ici)
Hair: elikatira – Away (Red 05)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Fashion for Life (Coffee at Night in FFL Gacha)

Picture 1 Pose/Gems: adorkable poses*
Picture 2 Poses:

*DIMH hunt item


Hanging Out at Home

Sometimes, like when you’re stuck at work, you just want to be home.

Sometimes I don’t even care if I’m sitting around and waiting for someone…
Relaxing in Umber

or if I’m lounging around reading…
Lounging Around in Umber

but my favorite is laying around without a thing to do in the world.
Just about ready for a nap

Is it time to go home yet?

Styling Credits (I promise I’ll add links soon, but for now, you can find links to the stores on my SL Locations page. (more…)

52 Weeks of Color – Catching Up

Since I’m playing catch up in every other part of my life, it is SO appropriate that I have to catch up on the 52 weeks of color challenge.  So, without further ado, here are my looks for both blue and goldenrod!

Blue Blue Blue Snapshot_342

Now, the goldenrod outfit looks like it has a pretty equal mix of brown and the color of the week in there, but I do have pics on my Flickr without the jacket (following the rules a little closer).  I also have another goldenrod look – I wasn’t going to post it (because I wanted to do something similar when we got to greens), but it made me laugh and I needed that tonight.  I give you… Colonel Mustard! (Which reminds me, I really should play Clue(TM) more often).

COL Mustard on the Veranda

I have to say, putting the looks together has been the highlight of my past couple of weeks.  Thanks, Luna for coming up with this challenge!

Style Credits:
Diamond Hunt items are bolded – remember! the hunt ends tonight!

Blue Pic
Dress/Stockings/Shoes: Wishbox – Crush Set (Periwinkle)
Top Hat Headband: Fluid Furniture – Les Temps de Glamour Mini-Top Hat Headband
Hair: TRUTH – Chalice (Latte)
Skin: Curio – Elf Blue Bird (Petal)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Bright Eyes (Secret)
Pose: Diesel Works

Goldenrod Pic
Jacket: AOHARU – Tweed Feminine Coat (Brown)
Tank: R.icielli – Tank (Mustard)
Shorts: R.icielli – Eleanor High Waist Short (Mustard)
Shoes: Kookie – Enya (Dark Chocolate)
Sunglasses: Kumaki Glass Style – Glory
Hair: – Cassidy.2 (Passionate Red)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Xaya Tea Time (Cream)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Earth)

Colonel Mustard
Top: R.icielli – Candyman Top (Mustard)
Pants: R.icielli – Germanotta High Waist Pants (Mustard)
Belt: R.icielli – Vanessa Belt (Smoke)
Hat: R.icielli – Commander Hat (Mustard)
Boots: Mentine – Basic Ankle Boots (Brown Patent)
Hair: BOON – QPT129 (Chestnut)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Xaya Tea Time (Cream)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Sunrise)
Pose: Diesel Works

Last day for the diamond to be yours…

While these past several weeks have pretty much laughed at any plans I might have ever had to actually get anything done, I did have a chance to check out several of the great gifts available in the Diamond is Mine Hunt. Here are just a couple of my favorites:

DIMH - Bubblez and n-creation DIMH - Sassy! DIMH - Apple May Designs

No, the skirt in the first picture doesn’t have holes in it – it has one of the best uses of layers and glow I’ve seen in a while – when it moves, it’s like there are stars in your skirt… in a good way, not in the gee, wouldn’t that be uncomfortable to have actual stars in your skirt kind of way.  You’ll want to click on the pictures to get to my Flickr to see the detail on the bracelet and earrings. There’s also a few more pics there of the stuff you can find.


Style Credits:
Bolded Items are from the Diamond Hunt

Pic 1
Dress: Bubblez Design – 1950s Monarita Outfit
Shoes: Pixel Mode – Baby T’s (Hot Pink)
Bracelet: n-creation – Celtic Bracelet
Earrings: Bandit Jewelry – Princess Diamond Earrings
Hair: – Summer (Passionate Red)
Skin: Laqroki – Molly (Milky)
Freckles: Atomic Bambi – Light Freckles
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Earth)

Pic 2
Outfit: Sassy! – Scandal
Shoes: Pixel Mode – Baby T’s (Soft Gold)
Hair: TRUTH – Penny (Jupiter)
Skin: Laqroki – Julie (Milky)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Earth)

Pic 3
Outfit: Apple May Designs – Star Struck
Hair: TRUTH – Jersey (Jupiter)
Skin: Belleza – Alyson (Pale)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Earth)

Poses: don’t freak out! (dfo)

Diamond Hunting…

I like hunts, I’m a little addicted to them (to be honest), even if I’m not the best at hunting for things per se.

There’s a new hunt that starts this weekend sponsored by Sophistishapes – and I’m kind of excited about all of the great designers that are included. For a full list with some hints, check out Sophia Rossen’s blog over here.  She also has pictures up of some of the hunt gifts (I’ll have some here soon) if you want to check them out before heading out hunting.

Diamond is Mine Hunt

Remember: the hunt starts Sunday, so if you start hunting before then, it’s likely to be frustrating 😛

Happy Hunting!