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Waiting around for someone to show up … or a blogger to post (like me) – you start to notice how drafty it is up here in the attic.

Attic Orange

I have a weird little thing where I can’t blog if I’m kind of blah in my physical life. Part of it is trying not to use this forum as an outlet for venting my frustrations, part of it is I have no motivation to do much of anything when my physical life isn’t going so well – for whatever reason. In any case, I’m trying to get over that. Not to use this as a forum for venting necessarily, but as an outlet that keeps me doing something I enjoy – because I do enjoy putting together what other people create and taking a picture of it. And just maybe that will help break the cycle.

Anyway, enough of that. Many thanks have to go to Luna Jubilee for her original 52 Weeks challenge – and keeping it going for round 2. I haven’t quite kept up, but I promised myself I would finish round 1, so here goes. I have everything styled – I just have to get to taking the pictures. Aaaand, I have to get to taking pictures of the other things I’ve put together during my extended holiday break.

Credits (SLurls can be found on the locations page)
Sweater/Dress: Ducknipple
Shorts: mon tissu
Leggings: mon tissu
Boots: Surf Co
Skin: Curio
Hair: Lelutka
Eyes: Poetic Colors

Pose: Long Awkward Pose



Remember, in the 80s and early 90s, when exercise was all about aerobics so you’d go and be in these outfits and then dance around to music and you looked ridiculous, but everyone looked ridiculous in unison? No, seriously though, it happened. It still happens some places in New Jersey. (I’m not mocking Jersey, I love Jersey, and part of what I love about it is that some things never changed. These are often things that are dear to me, which is why I love them instead of thinking WTF why won’t they just change already?!?!)

Dance like a...

Anyway, rocking out is almost as important as standing around trying to look like you’re doing something so that the crazed instructor at the front of the room won’t scream at you. What? You didn’t have those kind of aerobics instructors? Clearly your workout was not going to be effective.

This is a stretch

NB: I am a HUGE dork. I dork out over the oddest things. I know that, I’ve accepted that, and I’ve moved on. If you don’t want to read about my dorkiness over color names, the styling credits are at the bottom of the page, and more pics can be found on Flickr.


Hiding Babydoll

Another one of my favorites from Project FUR Japan. Check it out at Project FUR!

Styling Credits
Sweater/Skirt/Boots: Ducknipple – Hider (Brown; Project FUR Japan donation item)
Skin: Curio – Pout Petal (Project FUR Japan donation item in all skin tones)
Hair: Truth – Babydoll 2 (Macaroon; Project FUR Japan donation item)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Coffee at Night
Pose: Posies

Themeory: 80s-Tastic

So, like so many others, I was super excited when I saw this week’s Project Themeory – I love the 80s!

Intrigue Co. has this fantastic prom dress in the mix:

And, of course, the bodysuits for working out:

Okay, I think sweats make more sense, but this bodysuits would make a gym trip super cute, and look nice even for relaxing in the chair from [what next]. The chair come with three cozy animations (reading, drinking, sitting), which you can see after the cut.
The pic above is my favorite though, I love how the toe of my shoe goes through the cushion. The shots that go “wrong” are usually my favorites.

— I should mention that the toe going through the cushion is due to the shoes used, not the chair. If the shoes were different, the foot wouldn’t be at a point like that and wouldn’t go through the seat.

Style notes at the end. (more…)

My Stumblebum finds this week…

Okay, not the most original title, but it’s late and I’m wiped.  Here are three finds from the Stumblebum stores this week that are definitely going to be in regular rotation…

O-k, so that’s two shirts, jeans, shoes… what the heck is she talking about three finds? The poses are the third find.  I compulsively collect dfo! poses because they fit so well (no overextended hands or bad angles!) and not just because I do love adding new poses to my photo studio.

The shirts are from Ducknipple, which I got really excited about as soon as I saw the name on the Stumblebum list!  It was one of the first stores I found in SL where I really liked everything about it – the quality of the work, the style of the clothes, the setup of the store, everything.  In fact, if I remember correctly, Ducknipple was the first store that I actually paid for the clothing – until then it was all freebie boxes of stuff, some of which was ok, some of which should never be mentioned again.  EVER. (Oh, like you didn’t look like a complete moron your first weeks in SL  – whatever.)

Style Notes:
Top: Ducknipple – Pitfall (Rainbow) Part of Stumblebum pack of 2 tops
Jeans: – Low.Rise Jeans (Dingy)
Shoes: A Copper Fer Yer Fancy – Irish Flats
Hair: – Dylan (Passionate Red)
Skin: ATOMIC – Baily Autumn 2 (Cream)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic)

Pose: Two of the poses from don’t freak out! (dfo!) set for Stumblebum week of 5/1/10