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Checking our work…

Every good fairy knows to go back and check that their work is flourishing.

Innocent Fluttering

Naturally, if you’ve already done a good job, you can easily turn a quality control visit into a chance to stop and smell the flowers.


Well, the petite train has hit, and I honestly didn’t think I’d get on, but when Aikea Rieko from Plastik was going to put her skins to them, well… I couldn’t hold out. Besides, I had heard how wonderful mesh hands were, and .. two birds and all that.
Mesh hands are wonderful. I mean, I love mesh anyway (lazy blogger is lazy and not adjusting is a dream) and this is just great. Very minimal weird angles in poses – not only is there minimal clothing adjustment, it’s fun to actually be pixie size. (You should try it, I promise it’s not addictive.)

Plastik can be found on the Ruins of Nu Orne, while Evie’s Closet is on the Tides sim. The Fantasy Faire closes tonight – so I’ll stop spamming about it, but that also means that time is running down to go check it out.

Styling Credits (Fantasy Faire sims only right now, will update with other information after the Faire closes)
Pic 1
Golden Dress: Evie’s Closet – Elizabeth for Petites(Gold; RFL donation item) (R)
Petite Avatar: Plastik – Peach (Naked) (R)
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Orion for Petites
Eyes: Mayfly – Mesh Eyes (Absinthe Shadow)

Pic 2
Flower Outfit: Epic – La Fae Rose Outfit (Black, RFL donation item)
Petite Avatar: Plastik – Chorus (Inhibitor) (R)
Hair: BooN – XFE 275 (Purple; resized to fit)
Eyes: Mayfly – Mesh Eyes (Amber Pitch)

Poses (both pics): LAP, Posies, Alchemy Immortalis


It was supposed to be glamorous!

…but it was boring. She knew she looked incredible, but that would never make talking about property lines interesting.

Glamorous Boredom

The worst part was that she had hopes for today’s meeting. There was a particular prince who was supposed to be there, and she had spent a good part of the morning trying to decide the best way to get rid of everyone else handle his visit.


Finding out that the prince you were expecting is just a charmning prim-dropper… you know the type, drops a whole house on someone else’s land – without permission. Acting like any open space is their own, personal, sandbox. Well, it’s good that a practiced come hither look can also tell someone to go slither away.

Come Hither

Here’s the really important stuff… that gorgeous red dress? Evie’s Closet. Those beautifully textured table and chairs? Rustica. The table and chairs are mesh, by the way. Evie’s Closet can be found at The Tides. Rustica can be found at Devil’s Locket. If you go through the teleporter in Rustica’s shop, you can see the table and chairs displayed in the new mesh house available for a special price at the Faire. Fair warning (no pun intended) – if this is your style, you’re going to want to buy everything in sight. I know I did.

Styling Credits (As usual, I’ll add main store links after the Fantasy Faire is done – if you’re looking for them in the meantime, you can find them on my SL Places page)

Dress: Evie’s Closet – Elora II (Ruby); RFL donation item (R)
Shoes: SLink – Lulu Stilettos (Metallic Gold)
Skin: Glam Affair – Linn (Natural)
Hair: Lelutka – Oscar (Blonde Fun)
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise (Aspen)

Poses: Rustica (Chair with sitting pose /R); LAP
Table: Rustica (R)


Ever wanted to be a gypsy?

Dancing with the trees

Now that I’ve finally been able to get back in world, I have a suggestion. Lenka is a great new release from Evie’s Closet at the Fantasy Faire – this color (henbane) is one of her RFL donation items. I always love swishy skirts and this one is no exception.

So… here’s the important bits – you can find Evie’s Closet at the Fantasy Faire on the Tides sim. That’s the only place you’ll find Lenka until the Faire closes on Sunday.

Styling Credits (I’ll add LMs to stores themselves after Sunday, or you can check out the LMs page -they are there too)

Outfit: Evie’s Closet – Lenka (Henbane) (R)
Feet (even though you can’t see them): Slink
Skin: Glam Affair
Hair: Lelutka
Eyes: IKON
Lashes: YS&YS

Pose: Diesel Works

Part of Some World

On the Rocks

It’s one thing to watch a world around you, but there is nothing quite like getting in there, interacting with it to really understand. You just can’t do that with fins.

Coming Ashore

That first deep breath is always special.

Take a Walk

And you might just be a little reluctant to go back to the way it was before.

Styling Credits
Picture 1
Outfit: Evie’s Closet – Lumina (Green)
Skin: Tuli – Zoe Brass (Pale)
Hair: TRUTH – Francesca (Marmalade)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Berlin Nights
Pose: Mermaid Reef – Mermaid AO (included with most outfits)

Pictures 2 and 3
Outfit: Evie’s Closet – Lumina Nymph (Green)
Feet: SLINK – Jolie Pied Mid Barefoot
Skin: Tuli – Zoe Brass (Pale)
Hair: TRUTH – Francesca (Marmalade)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Berlin Nights

Special Faery RFL 2011

The Fantasy Faire this year has raised a fantastic donation for Relay for Life… before it ends tonight, let’s see if we can still increase the total! Cancer is something that will touch all of us at some point in our lives, and treatment has come a very long way, but not far enough. Not until a life expectancy after diagnosis is expected, not a wishful thought.

Fantasy Faire Faeries

Special edition faeries from Evie’s Closet for the Fantasy Faire 2011. They both benefit RFL and can be found in Evie’s main store (currently set in the sky). Link below, but I’m not sure they will be up after tonight (when the Fantasy Faire ends.)

Styling Credits
I will add the other slurls when the Fantasy Faire ends. If you want main store links, you can find them on my SL Locations page in my blog.

On me:
Dress/Wings: Evie’s Closet in the sky – Girl Faery (RFL 2011; RFL donation item)
Feet: SLink – Jolie Pied Barefoot Tiptoe
Skin: Tuli – Zoe Electric (Pale)
Hair: Exile – Tempest (Fall)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Moroccan Nights (previous freebie, not sure if it is still in store)

On him:
Pants: Evie’s Closet in the sky – part of Boy Faery (RFL 2011; RFL donation item)
Feet: SLink – Jolie Pied Barefoot Flat (Mens)
Skin: Belleza – Johan (Medium)
Hair: Truth – Jason (Latte)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Spanish Moss

Pose: Magnifique Poses – In the Rain (without umbrellas; donation item for Project FUR Japan)

Blue Daisies

Blue daisies are my favorite flower…

Blue Daisy Chains

What are yours?

Styling Credits:
Sky blue for the 52 weeks of color challenge. Lots more pics on my Flickr.
Outfit/Anklets/Cirlet: Evie’s Closet – Ariel (Blue)
Feet: SLink – Jolie Pied Barefoot Medium
Skin: Redgrave – Avie Faery (12b)
Hair: elikatira – Just (Red 05)
Eyes: Plastik – OniCollection (Pan Cloudless)
Eyelashes: Tiny Bird – Natural Lashes

Flowers are the Welcome Flowers from the Fantasy Faire!

Pose: Posies (from Archane Fantasy pack at the Fantasy Faire).
Find Posies animations in the Sea of Mer sim at the Fantasy Faire, which closes tomorrow. I will add main store slurls after the Faire closes!

Four-Leafed Wanderer

Once upon a time there was a fair maiden who wandered through the hills and valleys…

Along the way

More to come later, of course.

Styling Credits:
Dress: Evie’s Closet – Ren (Green)
Skin: Curio – Lustre Posey 2 (Petal)
Shoes: SLink – Tiptoe Barefeet
(Please forgive my tinting skillz on this one, I haven’t played with prim bare feet before and they are way harder than shoes with prim feet!)
Hair: [e] – Hye (Red 05 – from Fashion for Life pack)
Eyes: you can’t see, so I’ll tell you later when you can

Umbrella with pose: No Strings Attached – Lucky Brolly