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Donate – Couples Poses

Project Donate has fantastic couples poses for sale to benefit flood victims in Pakistan. I’m still getting used to adjusting poses for two, so bear with me if they aren’t perfect, but check out some of the poses you can find:

Project Donate Poseur and *FaKE* Project Donate Storin' and *FaKE* Project Donate Juxtapose and *FaKE* Project Donate *FaKE* and Poseur Project Donate Oh My Stars! and *FaKE*

Don’t you love the tiled water in the first picture? I do. I just can’t figure out how to not make that happen. Something more important – the pose from the first picture actually comes in that mat of Autumn leaves that you can see at our feet. There are four couples poses in the mat AND there are particle leaves that fall around you in a beautiful, whimsical way. Unfortunately, when I took the pic, I had turned off particles, so you can’t see them here. Trust me, they’re beautifully done.
The top I’m wearing in all the pics also available to benefit Project Donate from *FaKE* – a lot of these are also available at the main stores of their creators.



Project Donate – Helping Flood Victims

Okay, I suck at blogging in a timely fashion.  However, you have until the 19th to get to Project Donate and … well.. donate.  The event is to benefit UNICEF’s relief efforts in Pakistan after the massive flooding that has happened there.  Check out some of the cool stuff you can pick up to help a really good cause:

Project Donate Atomic, Addict, and Truth Project Donate Rapture

You can find skins (here you can see what Atomic and PXL Creations have to offer), hair (Truth’s Aloha style), clothes (Addict put out this great shirt), and body decorations (AtomicBambi’s body vine is exquisite).

Close-up of the skins and Truth’s hair:

Project Donate Atomic Truth Closeup Project Donate PXL Closeup

More pics can be found on my Flickr.

One of the things I love most about Second Life is how everyone comes together in times of need and helps.  Regardless of whether it is an established event like Relay for Life, or something new like Project Donate, the Second Life community comes together and gives however they can.  I’m very proud to be part of a community like this one, so I’m embarrassed and seriously angry at myself for not getting to blogging about Project Donate sooner (and more frequently). (more…)

Project Donate – Pakistan Flood Relief

If you have been reading the feeds, then you’ve seen mention of the upcoming Project Donate event to benefit the UNICEF relief effort for the Pakistan flood crisis. The event will run from this Saturday, September 4th, through Sunday, September 19th. When I have the information on the location, I will post the slurl.

Project Donate

One of the things I appreciate most about Second Life is the continual willingness to give. There are a lot of events for different charities, and still the community comes together and helps those in need. This is another case of people in need of help. Already, designers have generously donated their time and talents to this event, and once it starts, they will be donating proceeds as well. More information on Project Donate can be found here. A list of designers involved can be found here.