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SL Skin Project

This page is in process.  In the end, it is supposed to be a reference page for all the skins in my inventory – and I have a lot (probably too many).  Personally, I have a hard time keeping them all straight – I can’t tell the difference between Skin 1, 2, 3, and 4 just by the name, especially if I haven’t worn them recently.

Obviously, not all these will be new enough reference pages to be a current blog post, but I think they’ll be useful.  I will try to notate if the skins are/were limited editions from events (or whatever), in case anyone wants to pick them up.  As usual, if any of these skins came my way via a blogger pack, I’ll notate that as well.

NB: I’m generally a redhead, so… if the skins have brow options, I’ll likely be showing the red version.  However, if there is no redhead option, that certainly won’t stop me from posting the skins!


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