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A new dress from Celoe, new boots from Ingenue, and a long loved bag from Maitreya… what more could I ask for in life – okay, probably a lot (not having to work, all that good stuff) – but a fun outfit is definitely enough to make today a very good day.

On my way

I love mesh, it’s so wonderful. I know the drawbacks, and I’ve had a couple of problems with fitting, but I am very lucky in that I haven’t had to mod my shape much (well, once alpha layers are firmly in place). Although, I tend to think of little adjustments as the way different fabrics fit in the physical world. [Like wearing a wonderbra.]

In any case… I should also note that the mustard variation of the Jude boot is the Culture Shock donation item from Ingenue. Super cute!


For pictures of the full outside of the house, check out my Flickr.

Styling Credits
Dress: Celoe – June Dress (Lake; for Culture Shock)
Shoes: Ingenue – Jude Boot (Mahogany/Mustard; Mustard is donation item for Culture Shock) R
Bag: Maitreya – Leather Satchel (Lion)
Skin: Glam Affair – Giselle (Natural)
Hair: Truth – Lykie (Marmalade)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Oak Leaf
Lashes: petticoat lane – tattoo lashes (doe eyed)

Poses: Miamai – Traveler (comes with a bag not used here; for Culture Shock)

House/Planter: Funky Junk – Vista (for Culture Shock)


Jade Waiting

Sometimes you’re just left waiting around.  It helps, however, to have a comfortable place to sit.

Wait for it

More pics on my Flickr.

Styling Credits
Shirt: – Dion Shirt (Snake over Badger)
Shorts: – River Shorts (Faded)
Shoes: Ingenue – Bridget Flats (Tangerine)
Skin: Laqroki – Julie 01 (Milky)
Hair: Lelutka – Lohan (Irish Red)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – October Wind
Pose/lounger: [what next] at Ch1c birthday event (event runs through this coming weekend)

52 Weeks of Color: Jade

Hanging Out at Home

Sometimes, like when you’re stuck at work, you just want to be home.

Sometimes I don’t even care if I’m sitting around and waiting for someone…
Relaxing in Umber

or if I’m lounging around reading…
Lounging Around in Umber

but my favorite is laying around without a thing to do in the world.
Just about ready for a nap

Is it time to go home yet?

Styling Credits (I promise I’ll add links soon, but for now, you can find links to the stores on my SL Locations page. (more…)

It certainly feels like Winter…

…which is good, because Christmas should feel like Winter… well, the version of Winter you get wherever you are in the world. Personally, I grew up in a very warm area, so we were hanging Christmas lights in 75 degree weather, and then bundling up for the 40 degrees it would be after the sun went down. (Ah, the best of both worlds…)

Now, I’m huddled under several blankets after enjoying a lovely RL Christmas with my immediate family, before I head over to the Christmas of Chaos (no, seriously, it’s insanity, but it’s fantastic). In the meantime, while I’m waiting for my clothes to dry, I thought I’d share some of the pics of some of my favorite recent finds/outfits.

When I put on this dress, I thought of Maria – from the Sound of Music – during the ball, when she is dancing in the courtyard. It is so beautifully made by Betty Doyle of Ingenue (as are all of her clothes) that you can tell what the textures should feel like in your hands. I didn’t take this off for a couple of days, trying to find just the way I wanted it styled (and then for a couple of days after because I loved the way it looks).


The outfit is something I put together today for my time with Domhall this afternoon. We spent some time with Cheeky Pea’s snack table – it worked out perfectly for today.

Remember Me Snapshot_435

More pictures (if you’re interested) are on my Flickr. I also re-uploaded the pictures from a previous post that had become corrupted, so they should work now too.

Styling Credits:
Items in italics can be found at Ice Fest, which ends tonight, so HURRY.

Picture 1
Dress: Ingenue – Cadeau (Frost)
Shoes: Lelutka – Saffron Pumps (Soft Silver)
Hair: – Joanna.2 (Passionate Red)
Skin: LAQ – Nellie 1 (Milky)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Frost)
Lashes: Tiny Bird – Fringed Lashes
Poses: LAP

Picture 2
Scarf: Ingenue – Remember Me Cowl (Army)
Shirt: – Longsleeve Layering Tee (Brown)
Jeans: – Low.Rise Jeans (Midnight – previous hunt prize)
Shoes: Ingenue – Wanderer (Army – from One Eleven event)
Hair: – Cassie (Passionate Red)
Skin: LAQ – Nellie 2 (Milky)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Opal)
Poses: croire