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Plastik Sale

A gentle reminder that there’s a sale going on at the Plastik right now – and everything is on sale. Why? A little hard drive mishap – and it needs to get repaired. In the interest of full disclosure, I am on Aikea Rieko’s blogger list. However, I’ve had a healthy appreciation of her work since I first logged in. So… go!

Wistful Sunworship PG Tokyo for PCF A little lift... Valentines Masquerade Flowers at Attention Hanging out Sunne Banana Sienna

I know a lot of those outfits have been blogged before – I have new ones coming up, but I wanted to give you a sample of what you can find over at Plastik… (there’s a whole set on my Flickr page in case you’re interested- it’s a healthy addiction, I swear).

Styling Credits
These are going to be a little different today. Since there are so many different outfits above, I’ve only listed the stores included. If you want to know something specific, click on the picture – my Flickr page has credits on each one. Also, until I get a chance to add them below, store slurls can be found back on my SL Locations page. (Thanks!)

Skins: Plastik; Curio; Tuli
Clothing: Plastik; Zaara
Hair: Truth; Magika; elikatira; Lelutka; LoQ
Eyes: Poetic Colors; UmedamaHolic;
Shoes: Pixel Mode; epoque; elikatira; GField; SLink; Maitreya Gold
Accessories: Endless Pain; Oh! Studio; Illusions; Maitreya Gold; Tiny Bird
Poses: (with love & squalor); R.icielli; dfo!; Glitterati; LAP; Del May


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