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Practing Elegance

I had this long thing where I was going to show off all these really cool dance poses and make a narrative out of it, but as I was re-reading it, I realized I really wanted to talk about the stuff in the pictures.

Sometimes I see something and it’s like the designer reached inside my brain, took out an idea and plopped it on the grid – and sometimes they do it with a whole look. I generally try not to put together a whole outfit from one place (unless it’s a set or a costume or something), but when it seems like it was plucked out of my head, I’m not going to question, I’m just going to wear it! Seriously though, I’m a little worried that Nena Janus has developed mind reading abilities…there is some weird stuff floating around in my head. (Oh, like there’s not weird stuff in everyone’s head.)

Practicing Elegance

Ok, so why am I so excited about this outfit? When I joined Second Life, I didn’t really understand what it was, but I had these visions of a little ballerina avatar dancing across my screen. Dancing is something I have always loved, but for lots of reasons it was something I couldn’t pursue. So, hey, if I could do it in a virtual world, that would be awesome. Long story short, I had a hard time finding anything dance related (ballet or otherwise) that wasn’t… wasn’t what I wanted it to be. Does that make sense? Then I found this really cool store called SPIRIT. It was the first place I had found that had any of the things I was looking for in clothing and poses/animations, and I was SO excited. Since then, a lot more “dancewear” and a ton more dance poses have come out on the grid, and most of it has ended up in my inventory, but SPIRIT is always going to be special.


Maybe you just never forget the first creator who reached inside your head?

More pics (with poses from more amazing creators) on my Flickr.
Styling Credits
Top: League – Ribbon Tied Tank (Puce)
Shorts: League – Frayed Denim Shorts (Faded Black)
Leggings: League – Merino Leggings (Light Taupe)
Legwarmers: League – Merino Legwarmers (Puce)
Shoes: League – Flats (Dark Taupe)
Skin: Curio – Meadow Thistle 1 (Petal)
Brows: Curio – Meadow Brows (Ginger tattoo layer)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Stardust
Hair: elikatira – Theory 05



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