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Happy Valentine’s Day

Every year my Dad would make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day for both my mother and myself.   Not like he would get us expensive presents, but he would always make sure we knew exactly how loved we were.  One year he wrote the things he loved best about us on slips of paper – I still have those.  Because of him I’ve never been able to get into the whole “Hallmark holidays are silly” – whether I’ve been single or not. That doesn’t mean, however, I can’t enjoy a good laugh at the expense of sickening sweetness everywhere.


Still, I tend to get into whatever is going on around Valentine’s Day – I like the sentiment, I like the colors (purple, red, pink – if we could throw in green it would cover my whole wardrobe), heck – I even like the hearts (in moderation). Since I joined Second Life – I really really love it when it means new clothes or skins – Hi, I’m Daybreak, and I’m a shopaholic. Except, I don’t go to meetings.


This better not be an intervention!

Styling Credits (slurls will be added soon, I promise):
Pic 1
Dress: Plastik – Boudoir (Lailana)
Shoes: Kookie – Enya Boot (Black Wash)
Bag: Miamai – Valentine gift bag
Skin: Plastik – Ataciara Queen of Hearts (Chrysanthemum)
Hair: elikatira – Past (Brown 04)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Rebirth Eyes (Opal)
Pose: LAP

Pic 2
On Me:
Dress: Plastik – Courtesan (Masquerade)
Shoes: GField – Flower Pumps (Black)
Blindfold: Illusions – Silk Blindfold
Hair: Truth – Francesca (Macaroon)
Skin: Plastik – Ataciara Azucar (Melody)

On Domhall:
Turtleneck: Mr. Poet – part of set
Jeans: League
Boots: I need to find out, sorry!
Hair: Truth
Skin: Belleza

Pose: Storin’


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