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Snow is Falling…

…somewhere in the world. Actually, there are snow flurries at home, but I cleverly avoided them by heading South.  While I’m here, you should check out the Snowflake Experience.

This event has been beautifully organized and has some amazing designers with exclusive items.  Even better? A lot of these items benefit Toys for Tots!

Instead of taking my word for it, check out the Snowflake Experience for yourself… and these couple of pics I took (more to come, of course).

Landing Point - TSE

Winter Wonderland - TSE Santa's Playground - TSE

Candy Cane Lane - TSE Kids Zone - TSE

Divided into four distinct areas around a central hub, I have named them (so this is totally not official): the Winter Wonderland (the area with the igloo in the middle), Santa’s Playground (the area with the sleigh in the middle), Candy Cane Lane (the picture explains this one pretty clearly), and the Kids Zone (stores seem to be mostly for SL child avatars, but everyone can enjoy the decorations!).

The Snowflake Experience runs from December 4th (today) through December 23rd. You can find it on the Sugar Shores sim (click on the sim name for the slurl).

Have a great weekend!


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