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Last Day to Squeegee

Finally, more than one item will rez clearly for me – and just in time!

Today is the last day of Operation Squeegee.  If you haven’t gotten there yet, you should go; if you have, maybe a trip back would be a good idea!  Not only can you find a lot of cute things to support a good cause, you also find a lot of things to make you stop and think about just how devastating this oil spill is to the gulf-coast and its animals.

Operation Squeegee

You can’t help but think about how much there is still to be done when you look at these builds created by Yelena Istmal.  We can sit on top of the issue, but there are so many things that have to try to swim through it, but just get stuck in it.

Operation Squeegee - Sysy's and Noctis

With ability, comes responsibility, and I’m amazed at how responsible the residents of Second Life are toward other people and other things that need their help.

Style Notes:
All of the items found exclusively at Operation Squeegee are denoted in teal.  Please use this link to reach the Operation Squeegee event.
Slurls to the creator’s maintstores can be found on this blog’s SL Locations page.

Scuba Top/Shorts: Sysy’s – Scuba top/shorts
Scuba Flippers: Hopscotch
Bikini: Sysy’s – Squeegee Bikini (Multicolors)

Skin (Scuba Outfit): ATOMIC – Baily Sunset 2 (Cream)
Skin (Floataway): Pink Fuel (HarajukuBox Skin Fair) – Ember Gyaru (Sea)
Hair (Scuba Outfit): TRUTH – Drew (Jupiter)
Hair (Floataway): – Michelle.2 (Scornfull Red)
Eyes (all pics): UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Sunrise)

Float/Pose: Noctis – Floataway
Barels: Noctis – RIP Offshore Drilling

*Noctis can be found primarily on xstreet.


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