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Squeegee Those Animals Clean

So, you’ve all already been over to the Operation Squeegee area already, right?  Right?

If not, you really should go. Not only is it a well laid out event with beautifully put together decoration, but it is also for a good cause: to assist the National Wildlife Federation in their efforts to rescue the animals affected by the BP oil spill on the gulf coast. The idea is to help them help the wildlife in the area now, not later, which is often where wildlife falls on the priority list in situations like this.

Take a look at what the organizers have set up:

Operation Squeegee Operation Squeegee

To be honest, I’m not a tree-hugging environmentalist type, and I think that BP is in the media enough that they will be held accountable for what happened, but I don’t know whether or not their action will be taken fast enough to do what is needed for the wildlife affected. Their priority is still trying to get the mess under control, and that is important. What else is important is that other people step in and help where they can to do the things that can’t or aren’t being done right now. That’s what crisis management is all about – doing what you can to help the situation, not just talking about responsibility and pointing fingers.
In that vein, the organizers of this event and generous designers have put together open mic nights, storytelling, djs and games on Ctrl+Shift+H from today (July 1st) through July 15th. Take a look at the Operation Squeegee website to see the active calendar.

Operation Squeegee Operation Squeegee

I’ve had problems with my clothes rezzing clearly, but today seems better. Once I am able to get some pics of what the designers have to offered, I’ll put them up here.


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