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Blogger Challenge (and Beautiful Baiastice)

Fair warning: this is going to be longer than usual.

I thought it would be fun, and motivating (aka – getting me off my lazy blogger seat), to participate in Alicia Chenaux’s blogger challenge this week.  Today is: Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

I became a blogger because… (I feel like I’m back in school answering essay questions.  I’ve never been able to respond to a writing prompt in any other way, so it isn’t intended sarcastically toward anyone but myself for not being creative enough to think of a different way to phrase things.)
Okay, trying again: I became a blogger because I wanted to make my real life friends jealous, and I wanted to intice them to come play with me in Second Life ™.  I know they would love it, but they’re lazy losers.  Why am I friends with them if they’re lazy losers?  Because I love them, they’re my squishies and I shall call them squishies!  (And other things, but mostly squishies.)  Also, I was started to get bored in SL, and I was tired of taking pictures and sending them around to my friends by e-mail – so, they suggested that I blog my pictures (not only would it give  my pics a bit of direction, but also I would just have to send around a link instead of files.

Speaking of doing just that – I saw this dress from Baiastice at The Dressing Room (Blue) and immediately  thought of one of my two favorite people in the world.  See, she has a particular shade of blue that is her blue, so I tried to keep her in mind while I put this outfit together. This superheroine in a blue dress is for you G (I made her as blonde as I could)!

Baiastice - The Dressing Room (Blue)

I think the most enriching part of blogging that I have found is how jealous it makes my RL friends of all the awesome stuff I find.  (They’re lazy losers, I can make them jealous, it’s ok.) It has also given me an outlet to share what I enjoy (SL, shopping and styling) with other people (anyone who I make read this).  Oh, and I don’t have to spend nearly as much time being all “come look at the cool thing I put together on my computer screen!”

In honor of that, one more pic of that dress, with the slimmer skirt – I had to use this pose because it’s called “cartoon birds braided your hair this morning” from dfo! G’s favorite princess is Cinderella, so I thought it was appropriate. (I lurve you, G! And I promise to someday do Cinderella justice!)

Baiastice - The Dressing Room (Blue)

On a more serious note, blogging as also given me an opportunity to interact with very talented and creative designers in Second Life, as well as brought me greater awareness of the possibilities of SL as a whole since I expanded my blog reading once I started writing – and that is something for which I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Style Notes:

Dress: Baiastice – Maya (Blue, at The Dressing Room Blue)
Shoes: Pixel Mode – Baby T’s Plain (Black)
Hair: Magika – Tuesday (Dirty Blonde)
Skin: League – Taylor Twilight (Pale)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Poetic)

Pose: C’est Moi, don’t freak out! (dfo)


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