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Plastik – 50L Friday!

I’m a huge fan of Aikea Rieko’s designs, so I was naturally super excited to see The Plastik on this week’s 50L Friday’s list!  As usual, Aikea is so very generous with a complete outfit, a skin (freckles and no-freckles version), eyes, and elven ears – it’s incredible!  There are a couple of hours left to pick this up…so, you can still pick it up!

While I was there, I did notice that the “Black as my Soul” sale was still on.  I’ll put up a few pictures of the fantastic finds I picked up a bit later.

Style Notes:

50L Friday Outfit
Dress: The Plastik – Lungless (Psyche; 50L Friday 5/28)
Armwarmers: The Plastik – Leowarmer (Psyche; 50L Friday 5/28)
Tattoo: The Plastik – Feathers (Upper and Lower; 50L Friday 5/28)
Boots: League – Shin Boots
Skin: The Plastik – Lionheart Psyche (Tale; 50L Friday 5/28)
Hair: TRUTH – Abbey (Gem)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Eyes (Re: Karen)

Poses for 50L Friday: penny dreadful arcade (pda)


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