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Black as My Soul – Plastik Sale

The “Black as My Soul” sale was still going on the last time I was at The Plastik, on Friday. A few people have shown their finds from the sale, and I can’t resist showing a few of the things I brought home.

(In order: Bordello, Boudoir, Courtesan, Prayer, Galizie, Shredder, Valerian)

I love Aikea Rieko’s designs, and being able to pick them up at a bargain definitely brightened my entire week (although I have and will also happily pay full price).

Style Notes:

Dresses/Sets (in order of photo): The Plastik – Bordello (Darkest Darkness); Boudoir (Noir); Courtesan (Cane); Prayer (Black); Galizie (Venice);  Shredder (Black);  Valerian (Black)
Skin (same in all): The Plastik – Lionheart Januari (Fable)
Hair (same in all): TRUTH – Lulu (Auburn)
Eyes (same in all): UmedamaHolic

Poses: (with love & squalor)


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