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Ariel, Diana, Natasha, Glimmer and Phillys: Relay for Life

Hello.  My name is Daybreak, and I’m an addict.

My addiction isn’t just to shopping, but to several specific types of items – especially beautiful gowns.  I can’t help it!  I love the way a well-made gown looks, the way it moves when you’re walking or dancing; something about putting on the right gown makes you feel beautiful/powerful/elegant – the adjective depends on the dress, really.

One of my favorite ways to feed my addiction is with creations by Kouse Singh of Kouse’s Sanctum.  At the moment, she is participating in the Fantasy Faire and can be found on the Via Obscurium sim, as well as in the auction on the central sim.  Seven of her gowns are in Relay for Life vendors (in her special RFL colors) – 5 of which I have to show you!

In order of appearance: Ariel, Diana, Natasha, Phillys and Glimmer!

There are two things that make gowns from Kouse’s Sanctum stand out in my mind: details and versatility.  Versatility is the key to every staple in a girl’s wardrobe, after all. Each gown that Ms. Singh creates is perfectly detailed from the hems to the prims, while maintaining a classic style that is as appropriate for a black-tie affair as it is for roleplaying.

Ariel has beautifully detailed prims for the arms, bodice and skirt. Be sure to check both “basic shaders” and “bump mapping and shiny” in your graphics options to get the full effect.  Also, notice the slight bustle in the back – this made me fall in love.  In the second picture you can see the back of the gown fully with the rose detail around the waist of the skirt, as well as the draping of material.  Here you can see the back of the gown with the detail along the waist of the skirt, as well as the draping of the back.  It is beautiful details like these that allow Kouse’s gowns to flow with you while walking or dancing the night away.

Diana’s elegance is in her simplicity. The sweetheart neckline on the strapless bodice tapers into a full ballgown skirt with a delicate chiffon overlay that falls to handkerchief ends, is an elegant choice for a formal affair in any time period. This is the same dress as Ms. Singh’s RFL auction item, only in a darker shade of purple.

A beautiful ballgown, Natasha brings out the princess in every woman. The gorgeous flowing skirt moves with you, giving that dramatic, and still elegant, flair. The subtle pearl and gemstone adornment at the bustline is just the right touch to complete the picture.

Glimmer comes in a long version, suitable for formal parties, and a shorter version suitable for cocktails or high tea. The elegant empire waist of this gown flows to the glittering detail at the hem. The hilighting sash at the waist of the gown emphasizes the simple elegance of its design, which, coupled with the fluttering sleeves, lend an air of innocence to those wearing the gown. (There is an option for a sleeveless variation, but I personally like the sleeves, I think that they complement the rest of the gown nicely.)

Of the 7 gowns that are available for RFL purchase at the Kouse’s Sanctum location at the Fantasy Faire, I think Phillys is likely the most versatile. It comes with both a long, formal, skirt attachment, as well as a shorter babydoll, which can be dressed up for a formal occasion or down for anything you might like. The chiffon overlay detail at the hem is just beautiful.

If only gowns came with this many options in RL!

Style Notes:

Skin: Exodi – Sienna Cachet (Magical – Natalie; Famous – All Others)
Hair: Truth – Mena (Jupiter: Glimmer; Carrot: Phillys), Lillian (Copper: Ariel and Diana); Michelle (Jupiter: Natasha);
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Sunrise)
Dress: Kouse’s Sanctum – RFL editions (R)
Necklaces: (Phillys) Balderdash – Whisky at the Carnival; (Diana) Seasons* – Felicity Luna
*Seasons was the jewelry store of Torrid Topaz, which is unfortunately no longer in-world.

Poses: Diesel Works, (pda), Posies


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