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Fantasy Faire: Atea Avatars

So, remember when we talked about you heading over to the Fantasy Faire?

You wrote it down while I waited?

Awesome, we’re on the same page!  So, while I’m sure that you’ve combed the Faire for everything it has to offer and already made fantastic donations to Relay for Life, I thought I would show you two things that can be found on the Via Obscurium sim from Atea Avatars.

On the left is the Mysti Summer Faery, on the right is the Marama Female Drow (Summer Edition).

Before I had the opportunity to try on these avatars, I didn’t have much experience with having a full avatar in one package.  I had seen the option, but hadn’t seen many that were not specifically for fantasy characters and that wasn’t what I was looking for at the time.  However, now having had the opportunity to try on the creations of Atea Aeon, I have a much better appreciation for having everything together in one cohesive package.

I noticed this especially in the skin and shape of the Mysti Faery.  Ms. Aeon modified Eloh Eliot’s open source templates for the skin, which is often very noticeable, but that’s not the case with Ms. Aeon’s work.  When I look at the Mysti Faery, I see a delicate faery face and body that were made for each other – literally – and compliment the best qualities of each.  I especially like the face of the Mysti Faery, with its well-definited features (I can’t get over the shading along the jawline – so much so that here’s another picture).

The same can be said of the Marama Drow avatar’s skin and shape, but in that case, it was the clothing that stuck out to me the most. The level of detail in the top (check out the back of it below), as well as the prim attachments is fantastic. Not only is the avatar beautiful, but it dictates a certain amount of strength. To me, it was as if I tried on this avatar and a different character formed, which I suppose is the point that I was missing up until now.

All parts of the outfit shown were from Atea Avatars. Included in the package was a notecard explaining which individual parts were collaborations with other designers.

Atea Avatars – Mysti Summer Faery (R); Marama Drow Female (Summer Red) (R)

Poses used came from: (pda), Diesel Works, tricolore, Posies, SLC and Oberon’s Trick. If there are any other pose creators that I used and forgot, I will update this post with that information.


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