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Fantasy Faire 2010

(Originally uploaded by Ember Farina, used with permission.)

The Fantasy Faire 2010 just opened to the general SL population, and if it isn’t on your must-do list, put it on there!

Go on… I’ll wait…

I was able to get an early look at the event, which benefits Relay for Life, and (for all of us shopaholics) the creators there are fantastic!  Even if fantasy isn’t your usual shopping genre, you should check it out – there is definitely something for everyone in the 9 sims. (I’ll be showing more of what the Faire has to offer a little later.)

If shopping isn’t your thing, the sims themselves are worth the trip.  Each sim build is an excellent representation of the assigned theme, and definitely worth waiting for everything to rez so you get the full picture.  While you’re doing that, I suggest using your camera to look down on the Faire as a whole.  To me, it looks like a big (albeit square) wheel – a shape that makes it easier to move from one sim to the next and not miss anything.

Did I mention that there are also events going on during the Faire?  Live music, auctions are going to be going on all week.

For more information on events, which creators are on which sim, and any other details you might want to know – check out the official website of Fantasy Faire 2010.


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