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Pink Shirt Day – Let’s End Bullying

We’ve all had experience with bullies in our lives, which is why it was so great to wander around SL today and find so many people wearing pink to support an end to bullying.

Here’s what I wore today:

Designers have also given out gifts in support of this cause, two of which I have in pictures.

Airedine Poe of Adore & Abhor sent out this t-shirt, which I love and would definitely wear anytime.  I love it because it has a sweet little girl giving you a big hug – and sometimes you just need a hug.  It also reminds us that while we have to give each other the tools to stand up to bullies, we also need to give each other comfort and support.

Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe sent out buttons and a bandana bracelet to show her support as well, and not needing to wear a pink shirt in the process.  Included in the box was a description of her experience with bullying.  Personally, while I really liked the bandana and button, the notecard was a lot more meaningful.  It is very easy to support something, it is much more difficult to share your personal experience. I’m not sure I’m able to share mine without getting worked up over it still/again, so, for now, here’s Faery’s bandana/button combination bracelet.

We have all dealt with bullies in one place or another, and we all know just how difficult they can make already hard situations (like school or work) – and with all of our privacy controls on the internet, they don’t even have to do anything to your face anymore, you don’t even have to know who they are in some cases.  I’ll save my soapbox speech for another time, but, the more we share, and the more responsibility that we take for our own actions, maybe change can happen and bullying won’t be a problem in the future.

Styling notes:

Hair: – Jasmine (Passionate Red)
Skin: Belleza – Alyson 0 (Pale)
Eyes: UmedamaHolic – Moist Eye (Sunrise)
Shirt 1: Cynful – Dance-a-licious Solid Long (Pinkish)
Shirt 2: Adore & Abhor – ILY (Pink Shirt Day)
Jeans: Deviance – Plain Jane Jeans (Faded)
Shoes: A-BOMB – Mia Flats
Bracelet and Button: Studio Sidhe – Anti-Bullying Pink Shirt Day 2010
Poses: – Model Poses


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