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~silentsparrow~ Socks

Not a lot of time to do a full post, but these Starbunny socks from ~silentsparrow~ are so cute I had to get them up before they were no longer available!

You can get them in the Starlust Easter Egg hunt, which is only going on until tomorrow, April 9th. The eggs are huge and easy to find, but I have been super busy and only picked up a couple. More information on the hunt can be found on the Starlust blog:

The color shown is peony, the egg also contains: candy, iris, sky, minty, peachy, robin and spring – absolutely beautiful colors, not that anyone who has seen or worn anything designed Hyasynth Tiramisu would expect anything else!

Before I get over excited with the exclamation points, I’ll cut myself off.
More on ~silentsparrow~ and knitty socks later, these were too cute not to blog about!

Style Notes:

Skirt: Entropy – Celtic Plaid Kilt (At the Water Cooler)
Socks: ~silentsparrow~ – Starbunny Knitty Socks (peony)
Shoes: Apple May Designs – Ducky Keds (old hunt gift)


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