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For the Love of McQueen Part 3

A few more things in the For the Love of McQueen tribute. Today we have a little bit of everything from wardrobe outfitters, Casa del Shai and Indyra Originals. Each piece is uniquely inspiring, and I had a great time taking all of the pictures.

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with RL or SL, sometimes fashion just speaks to you. Although in SL, it is more likely that fashion might pop up an IM, I was thinking of a more metaphorical speaking. Sometimes it’s as simple as making you smile, sometimes it’s knowing that by putting something on, you (or your avatar) become part of a work of art. In the case of all three designers, they have offered pieces of art and I can’t help but feel the excitement of knowing you’re wearing something special.

Wardrobe outfitters (Aurelia Scarpulla) brings an ethereal element to their Tousled par Tous outfit that is hard to capture in any life. I love the flowers mixed in with the tulle-esque shoulder piece, and the contrast with the simply elegant bodice. When I first put it on, I stared at it for what felt like ages – it was everything I had hoped it would be from the picture I had beforehand. And then I started taking pictures! 🙂

This piece by Casa del Shai (Shai Delacroix) reminds me of something from a modern art gallery. Anyone who knows me in RL knows that I have little love for abstract modern art, but I think I have found a way to change that – just make sure that what I see is like this! To be honest, I was hesitant of the pod-gown, but once I got it on (and found the right hair!), I couldn’t stop looking at it. The detail is incredible, as with all of the pieces in this event, and it definitely evoked a pod – all cocooned in couture.

Indyra Originals (Indyra Seigo) gives us our rock and roll. I will have to remember to take a picture of the back of this outfit because it has an awesome skull on the back of the pink – perfect detail! I can’t say enough about the Sakura du Mort and how incredible it is. Inspired by the cherry blossom, you can see this most literally in the detail of the neckline and the leggings. More abstractly, you can see it in the shape of the outfit, especially the skirt and collar – it’s incredible.

Enough waxing not so poetically about these outfits. I know it sounds like I am saying the same thing about all of them, but (as you can see) they are all very different; however, what makes them the same (and what makes us all the same) is that everything is unique and fabulous!

More pictures and outfit details on Flickr if you’re interested.

Style Notes:

Wardrobe Outfitters
Outfit: wardrobe outfitters – Tousled par Tous (McQueen)
Hair: [Tiny Bird] – Ciao Bella! (Cafe au Lait)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Jolie Cream (Dew)

Casa del Shai
Outfit: Casa del Shai – Pula Pod Dress (McQueen)
Hair: Magika – Sinner (Black/Red)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Jolie Cream (CatEyesRed)

Indyra Originals
Outfit: Indyra Originals – Sakura du Mort (McQueen Limited)
Hair: [Tiny Bird] – Girl Anachronism (Caramel)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Jolie Pale Apricot (Pip 6)


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